Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Free Plants. Thank You Capital District Community Gardens!

I grew most of my plants from seed this this year {I am a big fan of Baker Creek seeds!}.  Which was a total adventure and gamble that I will absolutely revisit next year.  I love being able to be part of the process tip to tail!  Plus, you are able to grow so much more for so much less and have access to a MUCH wider variety of plants when you grow from seeds.

For me, it has been totally worth it {however let's reserve the rave review until I actually harvest any tomatoes}.  I've learned so much and really enjoyed the process.

What I didn't realize was that my community garden would have access to not only seeds {for free} but also plants from local farmers.  They are all made available to the community gardners in the program.  For free.

So even though my allotment was over-full already, I just couldn't resist the treats!  And actually, it worked out as I lost most of my eggplants to bugs and broccoli to {I think} squirrels.  So I used these plants to fill in the gaps.

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