Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Early July Community Garden Overview

This was my garden on July 04th.  A lot has changed as I have added more straw everywhere, including under the tomatoes {there is no straw under them in this photo- it happened a few days later} and the radishes have all been pulled {larger lighter green bushy plants to right of tomatoes above}.

 But more than that, I have been out of town this week.  So I am sure the garden is full of both weeds {even though I have a nine million foot layer of newspaper and straw down} and new growth {don't worry- it has been getting watered daily in my absence}.

I can't wait to get home soon to see if I have more tomatoes growing!  Because while I am excited about everything in the garden, let's just admit that I am in it for the t'maters.  Anything else is purse bonus.

Have you been able to harvest any tomatoes yet this year?  I'm still at least a month away before I can harvest any and the wait is killing me!

1 comment:

Flo said...

We've had three so far, with several more getting ready to turn. I hope yours are as tasty as ours have been!


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