Sunday, July 14, 2013

As Seen On TV...Who Buys This Stuff?!

Have you seen the latest As Seen On TV product to solve all your hair woes?  They call it the air curler and I just cannot imagine how it could possibly do what it promises.

You take that pink thing you see below and attach one end to your hair dryer.  Then shove some of your hair in the clear pink cup part and turn it on.  Magically, it just blows your hair into a curl.

It of course promises to do this.  But what I think will really happen is that it will turn your hair into a rat's nest.

Who comes up with these crazy products?  And don't you love that if you pay an addition shipping fee, you can get a "bonus" of four hair clips and a stick on mirror?  Such a deal! 

Be honest...have you every purchased anything crazy off the TV?  Other than a few workout videos, I've not.  But to this day, I still secretly want a Chia Pet.  And anything Ron Popeil sells.


Ruth said...

That thing just looks scary.

Jessica said...

I confess: I bought a Ped Egg a few years ago. I bet it works well, but I kept getting grossed out by having to empty the egg. YUCK!

Also, my 4yo convinced me to buy her one of those slushy maker shake things with *magic ice.* It works about as well as you would imagine!

SBCVandy aka PreppyChemist said...

I haven't tried it, but someone on twitter posted a link to this OVER the top review of it. Clearly the poster could maybe use a xanax but it's pretty hilarious! :)


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