Saturday, July 6, 2013

Squash House Update

This was the squash house in my community garden plot on May 28th.  Just after being built and planted with the unruly plants that were so disgruntled to live in my dining room instead of outside where squash plants belong.  I was worried that the gardeners would protest my found object creation {instructions here- you should totally make one!} or that my plants would die from shock.

Well they didn't die.  But they didn't really thrive at first either.  Above is about a month later on June 22nd.  Not dead, but not great.

I held out hope though.

And look what we have here.  This was July 01.  Happy, happy, happy {bonus points and best friend forever charms if you get that reference}.

I am having to train them in and out of the slats.  Which is fine.  It's really just a matter of moving them once they get long enough.

The next hurdle will be fruit!  I've found lots of big blossoms detached.  I'm not sure if that's compliments of a squirrel or all the rain we've had {again} lately.

Crossing my fingers I get lots {or even just a few} of squash and baby melons soon!

Have you ever grown anything vertically?  Did you have much luck?

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eas said...

Such a great idea for the squash. I was gone for two weeks and my tomatoes outgrew their stakes and I have a huge mess on my hands. This is a great idea!


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