Monday, July 22, 2013

I Wore A Bathing Suit...And Other Florida Adventures

Rubbing my 'bows.

Well it's high time I update y'all on my perfect week in Florida.  It involved a daily dose of the above.  Snuggles with Goddaughter.  And elbow rubs.

Yes...I said elbows.  It's her thing.  It's how she self-soothes.  She does it to herself but ideally, she does it to loved ones.  And it's super weird.  Especially when she is in the shopping buggy at Publix (best grocery store ever) and insists you lean in so she can get a good 'bow rub in.

But all that said, I think it's the most endearing thing in the world!

She could rub my elbows all day and night and I would love it.  It's so sweet (except when she pinches...but mostly it's sweet) and just this personal, physical connection.  A precious, albeit odd, moment between just the two of us.

My 'bows miss the daily rubbies.

Oh and Godson J....he continues to be the coolest kid on the planet.  His voice sets my heart on fire.  It is so sweet and adorable...I melt!  He's so funny.  So is Goddaughter E.  They both had me cracking up the whole week.  Godson is also into music.  Like, really into it.  A family favorite is Pitch Perfect.  That's why bestie Florida and her hub insisted I watch it because the family sings from the movie daily.  {I've Got The Magic is still bloody stuck in my head because Godson sings it non-stop.}

Bestie Florida is just the best of the best when it comes to human beings.  She's funny as all get out {and probably giving herself a high five that I declared that on here...she too thinks she's funny} and has the best sense of humor.  She is the most amazing momma ever and is patient beyond words with her kids.  She also holds her kids to this amazing standard when it comes to being kind and polite.  The world needs more parents like her!

Bestie Florida and I had a slumber party every night because her hub is the greatest hub in the world.  He slept on the couch so I could avoid the evil, make my face get all puffy, why do people love them cats.  {Side note: Zyrtec is hands down the most amazing over the counter drug for allergies.  I have never been able to be around cats with any meds the way I am using Zyrtec.  It's more expensive than others on the market but worth it!  If you have severe allergies like me, I seriously recommend it.  I also like the way it is packaged as it is easy to keep one pill in my make-up bag at all times, just in case.}  He's the best.

I got to see Godsister's baby belly.  Holy heck is she cute!  And Yaya's new home.  So pretty {minus the cat...that came into the home via and cats....that's just weird!}with a fabulous living room.

Hometown love.

I went to the beach.  Or...close to it.  I'm not a fan of sand.  So it should come as no surprise to those who really know me that I never once set foot in the stuff.  But I was like right there and looked at it.  A lot.  I even went swimming.  Which should be the headline of this entire post, y'all!  I have not been swimming since Little's wedding in Hawaii.  And even then I think I only went in once.

It's entirely a body image issue.  I mean, I'm a Florida girl who grew up swimming in her back yard.  But I am heavier than I've been in a while.  I'm 15 lbs heavier than I was last summer.  And it's not like I was exactly thin last summer.  I just don't feel great about my middle.  And when you don't feel great, well, you just don't feel great.  A lot of clothes don't fit me.  I refuse to buy bigger clothes.  I justify wearing running shorts because my big activity this summer is gardening.  Anyway, that's not my point.

My point is that I went swimming.  Like three or four times!

Be proud of me.  Seriously.  For me, that's HUGE.

I also only did it because it was for my Godbabies.  I will pretty much do anything for those loves.

We didn't do anything huge this visit.  No weddings or babies or major events.  But I think it was the nicest visit I have had with them.  And as they are all really nice, that's saying something.  It was just awesome to play daily and talk daily and get hugs {and elbow rubs} daily.  I definitely got more hugs in that one week than I get all year.  It was awesome!  Florida and I made an apple pie and then proceeded to eat most of it ourselves.  Straight from the pie plate.  Klassy...but delicious!

I cried a lot {as usual} when I said goodbye.  In general, I don't like goodbyes.  But leaving Florida and our her babies just breaks my heart.  I want to see them every day.  Or at least every week.

One day...I hope.


KatiePerk said...

That is so sweet about the elbow rubbies. I am glad you had a wonderful week and I know the cherished your visit too. I can't think of a better way to eat apple pie!

3 Peanuts said...

I am so happy you had such a fabulous elbow rub filled week. It sound like absolute perfection!!!! It sounds like this group of family feeds your soul and I'll bet you do the same for them too!!!

I SO get the body image thing. I too have gained some weight and felt really uncomfortable in a suit this year. It did inspire me to really commit to be more consistent in my healthy eating and some sort of exercise as I go through stages of health and stages of laziness. I don't want to be focused on my body image on vacation...I want to focus on the people I am with and the fun we are having.

MCW said...

Yayee for swimming. Body image is tough. Although the older I get the less I care...I guess I've gotten more confident as I've gotten older.

Glad you had fun with all of those babies!

And I've been leaving comments from my Blog Lovin' app on my phone and it doesn't work! So if my comments haven't shown up it was the stupid apps fault!

Ruth said...

I am glad you had such a wonderful visit. And way to go with the swimming. I have not been in two years.


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