Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Had To Say No

I found out that my Community Garden program had a new garden this summer.  And they were giving away plots just for this summer to gardeners willing to keep them up, in addition to their regular gardens.

So I asked if I could participate.  I asked.  They didn't come to me.

They said yes- and suggested I go look at it first.

It's close to me- exactly 11 mins drive according to Google Maps.  But not that close as my current garden is 2 mins drive.  I could walk if it wasn't so bloody hot and I wasn't always lugging 400 essentials with me each time.

But it's bigger.  The allotment is nearly TWICE the size of my current one!  Wow- that's a draw!!

Then there's the kicker.  No water.  There isn't a water source at the moment.  So you have to lug your own water in.

In this heat, you have to water every day unless it rains hard.  I would have to fill up gallons and jugs at home, load them into my car, drive 11 mins each way, lug the jugs into the garden, and ration it out because to get more would involve a 22 min drive round trip and a lot of effort.

With a heavy heart, after foolishly saying yes, a week later I emailed the garden coordinator with my tail between my legs to say no.  Below would be my space (well mine would be in the middle of that).  Notice it's all weeds.

I already spend an extreme amount of time in my current tiny garden.  If this offer were in the same garden space, that would be one {ideal} thing.  But it's not.  And it's just got too many factors that feel too big for me to fully take on this summer.

Oh I'm so bummed though!  Because I was really bummed when I realized how small my current garden space was.  I was told that all the spaces were the same size only to find out on day one that was not at all the case.  And it's nearly impossible to get more space.

Do you see why I was so torn?

But think I did the right thing...right?  I wanted that extra space so badly.  But the circumstances...they just weren't right.  

I know it sounds silly but this seriously brought several days worth of stress going back and forth.


Rhonda said...

You absolutely did the right thing! Especially in light of having to carry in your own water.

Dawn said...

Yes I can see why you are so torn, but what can you do if there isn't available water at the garden source. Bad planning on their part. But when they put the water in folks will be scrambling for a plot in there!

JulesTX said...

I'm sure it was a tough decision but I think you absolutely made the right choice. The water issue would be a big pain each and every day and you would eventually come to hate your new garden because of that reason.

Ruth said...

You did the right thing.

Flo said...

The water issue would have been the deal breaker for me too. Too bad, it looks like a nice plot of ground.

Kathleen said...

This reminds me of watching all the Indian ladies balancing their water jugs on their heads going from the community pump to their homes every morning. Water is such an essential part of our lives!

Bee Girl said...

You did the right thing. Water and time are very valuable things...the water situation sounds absolutely horrible and exhausting...and your time? Well, that goes without saying, especially with the extra time it would take you to prep, transport and actually water your spot. Another spot will come available. Trust it :-)


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