Thursday, March 7, 2013

Duck Dynasty: The Before And After

Duck Dynasty is a total guilty pleasure for me.  Si and Jase never fail to crack me up.  I hope a reality show doesn't destroy this family the way it has destroyed every other family in the history of reality shows.  They're so sweet and I just love how they enjoy being around each other.

All Beard, All The Time.

Willie's Family Before.

And After.

My Favorite, Si, Before And After.


Elizabeth said...

We LOVE Duck Dynasty too!!

Breaking Books said...

This show is such a guilty pleasure for me too! I discovered it last week. They look so different without their beards.

REBrown said...

They are really nice people! My uncle is next door neighbors to them in Monroe and my husband goes down there and hunts with them on their land sometimes.

Breaking Books said...

I saw it last Thursday! It is my new guilty pleasure too!

Ruth said...

I love that show. I get a good belly laugh each time I watch it no matter how many times I see an episode. And it is so weird to see them without beards.


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