Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gift Ideas

So did you know that Christmas {and other gift-giving occassions} is around the corner?  I came as a shock to me too.

Like everyone, my list includes both large and small items.  For children, adults and everyone in between.  So I am forever in search of clever little treats to use as gifts during the year.

Today I thought I would show you a few of the small gift items that I'm thinking about {or in a few cases, have already purchased} this year for family and friends.  Everything I'm listing is under $100 and at least half are under $50.

Beer bottle and wine glass in an insulated cup.

Is it a Tervis?  Is it a wine glass?  It's both!  And I love it.  With a bottle of wine, this is going to be a really cute gift for my family's Dirty Santa {aka Yankee Trade or White Elephant} Game.  The beer bottle cup would be equally fun with a six pack of beer.  I'm always looking for one or two gifts that can be gender neutral and these are perfect!

Set of two enamel bangles.

Pink Bow Earrings

These also come in silver.  Can you tell I am obsessed with bows this season?

These are only $12!

Jewelry is always fun.  I try to make or buy pieces that the recipient might not buy for herself.  Things that are cute and fun but also able to blend into normal wear.  The studs above are only $12 and come in several stone options.  I often have to bring a gift to a party {work, volunteer, friend dinner, etc} that is under a specific threshold and these are a great alternative to the typical go-to bottle of wine.

Nail polish set.

Favorite undies.

Set of nine on sale for $28, normal $124!!

Things that make you feel pretty are ideal for best friends.  I admit that you have to be exceptionally close to give someone unmentionables.  But Bestie pretty regularly gifts me with Hanky Pankys and I have to say it's a total favorite.  I'm so bad at buying pretties for myself so I genuinely love that she sends them to me once in a while.  And do you see the note under the Stilla lippys?  That's a great price and a really fun gift!

Pretty pajamas are always a good gift.

Polka dot pajamas.

I'm pretty sure I will be buying this gift item for myself.  That's allowed...right?!

Comfort treats are ideal any time of year.  I would live in pajama pants if it was socially acceptable.

Who doesn't love a gourmet gift basket?!

I love sending cheesecakes.  It's unexpected and a crowd pleaser.

Fancy Cheese.  No explanation necessary.

And if all else fails, yummy gift baskets are a great option!  You certainly buy them pre-filled but it's also just as easy to pick up fun treats at any grocery store, TJ Max and Marshalls {and the like}, or places like Trader Joes.  Making your own means that the price and ingredients can be very specific.  {Here are some tips on creating gift baskets as gifts.}

How are you doing with your holiday gift shopping?  I have purchased two gifts but know what I want for about 80% of the list.  I keep a spreadsheet all year round and jot down ideas as I think of them.  Whether or not I can pull of completing my list by my rarely attained goal of December 01, is yet to be seen.  I'm betting on no {that's right...I bet against happens} but it's a good goal all the same.


Her Preppiness said...

Fabulous suggestions

Flo said...

I'm moving along pretty well on my Christmas list, I need to get busy and make a few things though. I try to have mine mostly done by Thanksgiving with a few stragglers. I worked in retail for several Christmases and try to avoid the stores if possible!

Ruth said...

Those are amazing suggestions. I have gotten two gifts out of the way. I am off for a long weekend and one of my goals is to get all or at least 75% of my shopping done.

Buford Betty said...

I haven't started, ugh! Once again, Amazon is going to be my best friend this season. Doubt I will get out much!

MCW said...

I need to start. However my family is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for. My sister doesn't wear anything by jeans and sweaters (no jewelry) because she spends all her time at her barn. My brother wears his coaching college gear all the time. Ugh. I guess I should start thinking! Those wine tumblers I want to get for my book club!

Marta O. said...

Great ideas, I need the nail polishes !!

Lauren said...

I haven't even started holiday shopping! These are such great gift ideas! I love the bow earrings!

Lauren, said...

Great post! These are excellent ideas and I love the idea of the polka dot pj's. They look so comfy!!

XO from San Francisco & Switzerland


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