Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best Kid Present Ever

I mentioned a while back that I came up with a great idea for a kiddie Christmas (or anytime) gift this year. I was so right on. The kids in my family were over-the-moon to open this present. It was just too easy to put together that I know some of y'all will find a future use for this gift idea too.


*Bucket (mine came from the $2.50 section at Target)
*Bottles of soda (I used a combo of fun flavors including Jones Sodas and coke and other random brands.)
*Bottle koozie (You could omit this. I had big plans to monogram them for the kids but then I got super sick and never got around to it. No one noticed anything was missing.)
*Crinkle filler for the bottom of the bucket or basket
*Cellophane wrap and ribbon

In the end, I think the bottles of soda averaged about $1 each. Some were a bit more, some a bit less. It worked out perfectly number wise for the number of children needing gifts in my family. It was certainly one of the gift highlights of the day.

My family also does a Dirty Santa Game/Yankee Trade/Swap (we all seem to call it something different in my clan). The gift should be between $25-$30. I like to stick to a theme so I searched high and low for a beer store that would sell me individual bottles of fun flavored beer. You should note that I very rarely drink beer (like maybe once a year....maybe) so I have no idea what flavors are actually good. I'm all about funny flavors and pretty label art. I neglected to take a picture but I had close to a dozen cool bottles plus a bottle koozie in one of those Target $2.50 buckets and wrapped in cellophane. Then I hid it in this giant gift bag with tons of tissue to throw off participants. It too was a hit.

My father of course waited until Christmas Eve to even think about his Trade gift. Since we were running into the wine store anyway to get a few hostess gifts, I suggested he piggyback my theme and get a bunch of little nip bottles that I could wrap up in a small bucket for him (Target $1 of course....I buy them in bulk when I see them because they come in handy all the time.). This was actually one of the most traded items which surprised me. We are not an alcohol family. There is usually wine available at gatherings but never anything else. We're really more of a water and milk family to be honest. But I guess a chilly winter lends to adding a nip to coffee and cocoa because everyone loved that bucket!

Mostly I wanted to blog about this to remind myself the next time I am in need of a quick and fun gift. Oh and the kid gift could easily be fun chip flavors or candy or cookies instead of soda pop. Let me know if you end up using one of these ideas. They were all heavily raved about at Casa de Crocodile on Christmas day.


Angie said...

What a great idea! I love them both!! So cute!!

Gracie Beth said...

Those are both such cute ideas, my family would fight over the booze bucket!

Sandra said...

I love those ideas!!

Preppy Mama said...

Love it!! What great ideas!! I am totally using this. Thanks and Happy New Year!!!

Lulu said...

That is a GREAT idea. Thanks for sharing!

Preppy Lizard said...

Such a great gift idea! I am totally stealing this one for my next exchange.

KathleenKMM said...

What a cute idea!

University of Iowa Meg said...

Those are great ideas :) Even for non-kids :) I'll have to remember that next year. Where were you when I needed you a month ago?!? LOL. Happy New Years!

e.m. said...

Fantastic idea! I am so using it next time I need a gift idea!!

Jane said...

Funny story, my girlfriends were getting together for a Christmas party and one girl suggested a "Dirty Santa." The other girls agreed, but secretly were a bit nervous. Should they get some thing from Victoria's Secret? Lotions? Etc. Finally the misunderstanding came out and everyone could laugh. Nobody had ever heard it called a "Dirty Santa." LOL! My husband's family calls it a "Yankee Auction." Love the soda/beer gift idea.

Anonymous said...

What fun ideas - both of them are great! Many (many) moons ago the little bottles were always on hand when we were little and freezing to death at Tiger Stadium for Opening Day.

Grins & Giggles Miss Crocodile!

Well I Do Declare said...

These are great!!!

Kim said...

This is so cute. I just started doing the Secret Sister thing at church and January is the first month. What a great gift to start out with. Of course, I will opt out of the booze, but I know I can find other stuff to fill it with. Thanks for the idea!


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