Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lilly For Christmas

In addition to my fabulous pink mixer, that I am currently referring to as Petunia the Pink Mixer, a few Lilly items made there way over to my crocodile claws! The Gloria cotton sweater is my very favorite sweater. It's cotton, always a plus with this allergy-ridden croc, cable knit and oh so comfie! The colors are fantastic (for Christmas dad bought me the vanilla color but I own it in three other colors too) and it washes well. I can wear it almost year-round. Love! Oh Gloria.... (is anyone else singing out loud too? No? OK well just me then I guess....)

And then there is the matter of this cutie little number. Oh how I love Lilly shift dresses. She has fantastic fall/winter prints but I cannot imagine being able to wear them up here. No, in these parts we wear many layers and ugly Ugg boots and we rarely wear shift dresses and TB flats. You would get frost bite just walking to your car. So I have to get all of my shifty-goodness in during the summer months. Or during my trips to Florida. Actually, this dress arrived in the wrong size (still unclear if Daddy ordered the wrong size or something happened on the sender's this point it doesn't matter anyway) so the day after Christmas I called The Pink Door in a hot panic to see if they would be willing to swap it for the correct size. They were so sweet and it should arrive in a few days. Great customer service is such a pleasant surprise these days! Not that there is any rush.... we got 8 inches of snow today.... it will be a long while before I get to wear my pink and green giraffes. Thank goodness for Gloria, Gloria (No, still just me singing? Typical!).


Lulu said...

Girl, I am LOVING your Lilly gifts. Lucky Lucky!!!

Jill said...

So cute. I love the look of Lilly but it really doesn't fit me very well since I'm tall. There's a Lilly shop right next to a little deli I go to a couple times a week for lunch and I browse there quite often but rarely buy.

Kate said...

I love the dress!

Anonymous said...

The dress is absolutely wonderful, and the Gloria sweater is a favorite. The blue color is stunning - you must look just stunning in it.

Happy New Week to you Miss Crocodile!

Muffy said...



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