Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sadie Sunday: The Days When I Wore Pink Lilly Pulitzer Head To Toe

Dear Sadie,

I still look for you in your blue chair.  I still walk out of the kitchen to see you and smush you and cuddle you and it takes my breath away when I catch myself.  

This photo was taken November 28, 2008.  I am gasping that I had short hair (it was probably what I called "long" in this photo) for over a decade.  Also ...those Lilly Pulitzer jeans with pink embroidered elephants.  Gah...who was that girl?  

Listen bunny, I just need you to know that I love you from tip to tail.  This grieving business is harder than anything I've ever known and some nights I feel like I am just falling apart, but it's all worth it because it means I had you in my life.  You made everything in my world so much better and lovelier.

My heart always, 
XO Momma

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Put Up Or Shut Up

I don't do a ton of canning but I do like to can up a few bits to use during the coming year.  My favorite products to can are always tomato products as I am just such a big fan of all things tomato!  Last year, the season was so bad for tomatoes that I only managed to can 3.5 jars of tomato sauce.  Pitiful.

So far this year, I've canned up nine jars of sauce, 14 jars of pineapple tomato salsa, and 13 jars of delicious tomato jam (think grown up ketchup).  I'm so tickled with how great this tomato season has been.  And this is on top of endless BLT sandwiches and tomato/mozzarella salads.  It's been a delicious summer!

I won't be canning up any jams or jellies this year because I just don't use them fast enough.  I still have a lot of what I did last year on the shelf.  They're fun to make as they come together so quickly and taste so delicious, but I just don't use much jam in my daily life.  So I try to limit what I make.  And as the tomatoes have been so much better this year, I am dubbing this the year of the tomato and running with it!

Crossing my fingers I get enough tomatoes ripe at the same time to make one more batch of tomato sauce to get me through the winter without having to use store bought sauce {not that there is anything wrong with that- I just think it's fun to taste my own organic tomatoes when it's snowing outside}.  But either way, I'm already so pleased to know I will be able to taste my summer garden until next season.  So much personal satisfaction in these photos, y'all!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Week In Review

YOGA.  Monday and Tuesday saw a double dose of my ass on the mat because my anxiety is at an all time high and I desperately needed to shove that cuckoo in the clock.  Back to just once a day on Wednesday and Thursday.  That's six times in four days.  Y' proud of me!  I turned to my mat instead of ice cream.  I'm a work in progress.

GARDEN.  Part of me is sad to see summer favorites like patty pan and tomatoes and rhubarb come to an end for the year.  But part of me also loves that things like Swiss Chard are once again thriving in all their rainbow glory now that the nights are cooler.  And winter squash...oh how I just love all things pumpkin and squash!

SALADS.  I have a few more tomatoes still ripening which means I have a few more bowls of summer sunshine in my future.  Homegrown tomatoes, homegrown basil, and homemade mozzarella are my absolute favorite lunch or dinner this time of year!

COOKIES.  I've talked about this before but let me again share my best dirty little secret.  I make a batch of cookie dough, ball up the entire batch and place it on a single Silpat lined cookie sheet, place the whole thing in the freezer and wait a few hours.  Once the balls of dough are frozen, transfer to a large zip top baggie.  Now you have options.  You can bake up the whole batch, bake up a dozen, eat the frozen dough balls {we cannot be friends if you are above that}, or my personal favorite and the reason I am telling you this, bake up two after a tough day.  There is just nothing better than two perfect, warm chocolate chip cookies on a cold night {or...let's get real...any night}.  

So what big or perfectly mundane things happened in your world this week?  Give me the skinny!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Season, New Attitude

I like fall.  I like the crispness in the air and the leaves changing colors and pumpkins.  Fall has a lot to offer.

But I struggle.  Because fall means the end of summer and dum dum dum...the approach of winter.  And winter feels horrible to me.  I feel claustrophobic but also unmotivated to go anywhere.  It feels dark and sad and depressing.  Going days, weeks, or even a month without seeing the sunshine drains a Florida girl!  And this year, my anxiety is working overtime because I don't have Sadie.

It isn't just about her not being here, which is still huge and tangible for me.  But it's the lack of the routine.  I don't have a forced reason to get my coat and boots on and leave this house three times a day when I walk her.  I don't have those cuddles and kisses when I am feeling blue.  I don't have someone to talk to {she was THE BEST listener} when I need to ramble out the jumbled thoughts in my noggin.  

I can feel the winter dread.  It feels like a weight is on my chest.  But I can't seem to move it.  

I'm trying hard to focus on the now.  Because right now, wow is it pretty outside!  It's still warm and the humidity has dropped and the sun is shining.  Right now, it's lovely.  I mean, look at that gorgeous display I found walking in my city last night!  

I can also still get into the garden and play.  Tomatoes are about over- waiting on a few more to ripen before I pull them all out.  But squash and pumpkins and a myriad of other treats are just around still growing strong. If I can get luck back on my side and avoid more theft {one pumpkin has already been stolen}, I should be set for the next nine months with winter squash.  Get ready for a fun game called "just how many ways can KK find to use a butternut squash?"

I like fall.

I'm just working overtime to not fall into a winter depression hole.

I'm a work in progress, my friends.  

What are your thoughts on fall?  Any big opinions either way?  Any suggestions on unusual ways to use on winter squash?


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