Friday, April 28, 2017

Vegan Thai Butternut Squash Red Curry

With a fair few winter squash still saved from the garden last fall, I've been on the hunt for new ways to use them up.  As much as I adore winter squash, the same few ways of roasting or puréeing or stuffing them is getting a bit redundant.

Enter a new recipe that I've adapted a bit for my taste and what I had on hand.

This curry is delicious!  Plain and simple, this is a tasty and comforting meal that I plan to make time and time again.  It's also adaptable.  Have a glut of kale or broccoli leaves, add that instead of spinach.  Have some leftover chicken you don't want to go to waste?  Toss that in, too.  Don't have butternut squash but do have pumpkin or trombocino or some other winter squash variety?  Not to worry as they all taste similar and would all work in this dish!

It's just an absolute winner of a recipe and I can't wait to make it a regular in my rotation.



* 1 tbls oil of choice
* 2 small onions, chopped 
* 3-4 cups butternut {or other winter} squash, chopped
* 1 tbls grated fresh ginger
* 2-3 tsp red curry paste
* 1 tbls yellow curry powder
* 1 {15 ounce} can coconut milk
* 3/4 cup broth or water
* 2 tsp sugar or honey
* 1 large bag frozen or fresh spinach
* lime wedges
* brown or basmati rice for serving


* Heat oil in large pan over medium high heat.  Add onions and sauté until tender and beginning to turn golden.  Add squash and ginger, toss to coat and incorporate.

* Add the red curry paste, yellow curry powder, toss to incorporate.  Cook 5-6 minutes, then add broth, coconut milk, spinach, and sugar. Bring sauce up to a simmer, cover, and cook for 20 minutes, turning heat down a bit if needed.  

* Serve over rice {I served over brown rice} with a lime wedge.  

Let me know if you try this!  It's a delicious and different way to use up squash!


Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Dose Of Adorable: Toddlers and TeePees

When my baby bestie H turned two, I made him this teepee for his birthday.  It was a labor of love, taking so much more work than I ever imagined.  And while I would change a few things if I ever made one again, I'm still really pleased with how well it turned out.

Last weekend while I was hanging out with my best boy and trying to convince him it was quiet time, he got out the teepee.  How could I possibly say no to a little KK and H play time?!

Right after these photos were taken I got in there with him.  I was tying the ribbons that I sewed on the inside to keep the legs in place and he got behind me and just gave me hugs.  My bucket got filled right to the top with sugar that night.  

I love kids of all ages.  But I've said it countless times that ages 3-7 are the sweet spot years in my heart.  And four year old baby bestie H is no exception!  A funny little love bug who knows how to melt his Auntie KK with a single hug.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Spring In The City

This has by far been the most amazing spring I can ever remember.  And while that probably means the ice caps are melting and polar bears will be extinct soon, at the moment, I am an incredibly selfish human who struggles to keep the cuckoo in the clock during the dark, cold winters.  I am swooning over the warm days and cool nights.

I've been able to take my long Sadie walks most nights, go for walks and hikes {really just walks in the woods...please don't get the impression I am scaling some's me we're talking about here} to soak up sunshine and nature on weekends, play in the garden, and exhale again.  Add in a healthy amount of yoga and I am in my happy bubble again.

I've been able to plant seeds earlier this year than any previous year.  I have high hopes that last year's bean bust will be well made up for this year as I have already planted sugar snap peas, sweet peas, snow peas, wax beans, green beans, and a few other varieties.  

The funny thing about this unseasonably warm spring is that it's still too early to trust the weather to plant most things.  Because sure, it's nice now.  But the weather has a way of throwing curve balls and giving us late season frosts.  So while it feels like summer and feels like I should be able to plant all the seedlings taking over my dining room table, it's still too early.  So when I go to the garden, most of the time it's just to stare at straw beds and imagine what they will look like in two months.  

In the mean time, I'm taking in all the colors showing off around town.

This spring has been exceptionally bright and cheerful!

What's spring been like where you live this year?  


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Science Not Silence

I went to my first march in January, my second in February, and on Saturday, I went to my third.  I marched for Science and it was fantastic!

An entire political party pretending they don't believe in science reminds me of a petulant toddler throwing a tantrum over not wanting the red lolly pop that they insisted on having.  We all believe in science.  We all go to doctors and use smart phones and drive safe cars and color our hair and wear sunscreen and take headache medicine and brush our teeth...and and and.  Science is in everything and pretending it's not is nothing short of absurd.

We all believe in science and it's crazy that millions of people around the globe have to march to say as much.  Science is real.  Climate change is real.  Research saves lives.  

But back to the March...

I had a great time!  People are always so kind and friendly at these events.  They're cheerful and family oriented, offering a very welcoming vibe.  This one was particularly calm, because scientists.  

First I have to brag that I managed to find the world's most impressive parking spot!  I was running late {as always} and knew parking would be a bear.  I was driving past the rally, knowing I would have to drive around a while to find parking.  But just then, two women walked to their car, literally across the street from the rally, got in, and left.  As I was backing in, a jerk in a red truck tried to swipe it from me. But I prevailed and got myself a piece of prime parking.  And have not stopped bragging about it because that just never happens to me.

Above was my favorite sign from the day.  I had wanted to make mine on black cardboard but was too lazy to go to the store to get it when I already had white foam core at home.  I really loved the way the silver popped on the black.

Below are my signs.  Most people only make a sign on one side of cardboard but because people are both in front of you and behind you, I think that's a total missed opportunity.  Or maybe that's just because I struggle to narrow down which two signs I want to make.  

I get a lot out of marching.  And our country has gained a lot from these marches too.  Progress begins on the streets.  Always.  Not in a politician's office.  That's where things get signed.  But progress begins step by step in homes and streets and with individual voices.  It's such a positive and uplifting vibe that really boosts morale to know you're not alone.  Here's hoping there are some marches planned in the upcoming {warm} months!



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