Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Downton Abbey Discussion

I assume by now that everyone has watched the latest episode of Downton Abbey.  But if you have not, stop reading right now.  I certainly don't want to be the one to spoil it for you.

Now that the warning is out of the way...let's get down to business.

What the hell was that, Julian Fellowes?

You win points for me never seeing that coming.  You lose points for raping Anna!  And you lose more points for then cutting away and going to happy scenes for what felt like forever before showing us sweet Anna (my favorite character since day one) again.

I wanted to vomit!  All those people there who love and adore Anna, including a doctor, and no one to help her.

I asked this on Facebook but will ask it here too.  Do y'all think Anna's pregnant now?  I do.  And won't know who the baby daddy is.

Wretched.  Truly just a horrible TV moment.

I can't even discuss the rest of the episode...  Even though there was much to discuss.

Except to point out that Lord Gillingham looks to be back next week.  Does that mean his rapist valet will be back too?  

Ugh...I'm feeling ill about it again.  So.  Damn.  Disturbing.


MCW said...

I was confused as to who the valet belonged to? The one who has an obvious crush on Mary?

AEOT said...

It was awful. How could they possibly do that to her. I thought this was finally going to be a nice year for Bates and Anna as they have been through SO much, and I only just wanted a nice pregnancy and a boring season. Instead they RAPE her? I almost want to just quit the show as I am so mad. And, yes, two of us at work think she is pregnant and won't know who the father is. Awful.

eHa said...

It was not fun to watch. But I'm guessing horrible things like that were kind of common so maybe they're going for accuracy? I hope Anna can talk about this with Mrs. Hughes at least so she can try to get better. I totally agree with you about the guess that Anna is pregnant. Since why not just make this more horrible.

BroncoMom said...

Count me as a DA fan that felt SICK to her stomach for hours after watching that episode. POOR ANNA!!

Flo said...

I have already watched the whole season (minus the Christmas special) and this was just one of many things that I felt were bad about it. I don't know that I will purchase season 4 on DVD, it was that much of a let down, and this story line is just one of many. If they continue season 5 with this kind of writing, it's' time to hang it up.

Casey said...

I watched this back in the fall as it was airing in Britain, and after this episode I was done with the show! Just because it really happened back then doesn't mean they have to show it! If DA is going to be all about shocking the viewers, then it's not something I care to watch! It was nice while it lasted though.

amy said...

It was AWFUL. I need a little happiness in my Downton life and then...that happened. And yes, I think she is pregnant. :/


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