Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Spa Water Recipes

Spa water.  Magically better because of some fruit or veggie slices.  It feels posh and luxurious and extra relaxing to sit in those fluffy robes while sipping spa water. 

But here's a secret's super easy to make at home.  I make pitchers of it all the time.  And I am using the word "make" and "recipe" rather liberally here, peaches.

Not only is spa water great at a spa, but it's perfect for a bridal or baby shower too.  It really adds a special option for those seeking something non-alcoholic.  I actually make it on a regular basis, just for my little self too.

So the standards are of course water with either cucumbers or lemon slices.  But other fun options, which were even picked up in Reader's Digest, for spa water are as follows...

* Creamsicle: Orange slices and one vanilla bean, sliced down center. 
* Blackberry:  Handful of blackberries, lime slices and mint sprigs.
* Garden:  Fresh sprigs of rosemary and/or basil. 
* Herbs:  Fresh sprigs of rosemary, mint, lemon and cucumber slices.
* Lavender Berry:  Blackberries or strawberries, fresh sprigs of lavender, and either slices of lime or one vanilla bean, sliced down center.
* Berry Basil:  Fresh strawberries, sliced (green tops on for aesthetics) down center and handful of fresh basil.
* Ginger Cream:  Slices of fresh ginger and one vanilla bean, sliced down center.
* Citrus:  Slices of oranges, limes, and lemons.
* Melon:  Slices of watermelon and limes.
* Tropical:  Slices of fresh pineapple, watermelon and lime.
* Mojito:  Sliced fresh pineapple, a slice or two of fresh ginger, handful of mint sprigs.
* Peaches and Cream:  Slices of very ripe peaches and one vanilla bean, sliced down center.

In all of the cases, the longer the water marinates, the better the flavors.  I tend to make a big pitcher before bed to enjoy the next day or two. 

The only things I would avoid are fruits that tend to mush easily.  Such as mango or raspberries.  In my opinion, the are too soft to withstand all the ice bumping against them.  After an hour, they will look less pretty and more like a a blob of mushy ick.  Not what you're going for, I assume.

And while I am not an organic only person (I firmly believe that any vegetable is better than no vegetable!), the skins of the citrus will be sitting a while in the water.  If possible, I recommend using an organic orange, etc in this case.  I mean, you really only need a small amount of the add ins anyway.

All of this can also be done using seltzer water but in that case, I would set out seltzer water and let guests add in their fruits.  The seltzer would lose it's fizz after a short time if you made a big batch before guests arrived.

Have yourself a glass of "I'm pretending I'm at the spa even though I'm really at my desk or cleaning up my messy house" water today!


miss andrea lee said...

What a cute post! I'm planning an engagement party soon and this is such a great idea!

Annie said...

Those are genious recipes! I may use one for a baby shower in August that I'm hosting!

CanadianPrep said...

This is amazing! I love adding flavors to my water, but can never come up with good combinations, so this is perfect! The creamsicle sounds delicious.

ty said...

This is great! I'm super boring and usually just put limes in mine ...

Kirstin @ Hello Kirsti said...

I love making spiffy waters, going to have to try some of those combinations. Andrew got me one of these infuser containers, which I thought was silly but it makes fishing everything out easier when it's time to wash the pitcher.

Amy - OPC said...

LOVE this post! Thank you for the ideas. :)

REBrown said...

These all look so delicious! I've never thought about making spa water with seltzer. That would be super refreshing.

Shera "The Expatriate" said...

Oh great ideas for combos - thanks for sharing! I love throwing a lime in my H20 but am definitely going to have try some of these other versions.

erica said...

I absolutely love spa water. I drink it everyday!


Anonymous said...

The tropical one may be perfect for Pref. I love the idea of keeping pitchers on hand. I learned the hard way that raspberries and sparkling water do not mix but these recipes are awesome.

Alice said...

I've never thought of making this myself, but what a wonderful idea.

Meggan said...

I love these recipes!! I am not a huge fan of plain water so this solves my problem! Plus, who doesn't want to feel like they are at a spa?! Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Fab ideas! Following you from tatertots and jello-stop by for a visit!!

Nadya said...

Thanks for the delightful reminder!
A dear harper friend always has water filled with herbs & FLOWERS (edible, & yes, OG) at gatherings!
The first time I attended one, she sent me out to her garden to gather sprigs, knowing I'm familiar with which ones are edible!
Most flowering herbs, (woodruff, marjoram, thyme, mint, Rosemary), raspberry, strawberry or blackberry flowers, pansies, violets, etc, along with more herbs: with some mint leaves, lemon balm, lemon grass, & lemon or lime.
She also had a collection of glass pitchers on hand, & we distributed the flowers & herbs among them, & filled with filtered water!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I am so excited to make a pitcher of spa water. Great recipes- thanks for sharing!
Love your blog too- will be back to visit!!

Anonymous said...

This is so great! I cant wait to try some just with the family for a refreshing drink on my new DIY back porch!



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