Saturday, July 9, 2011

Best Banana Bread Goes Gluten Free

I know it seems like I have been in the kitchen all week...and perhaps I have been a bit more than usual.  But really I am just trying to make a better effort to blog recipes I like so that they are handy for future use.  Like many of y'all, I keep this blog for my own purposes.  The fact that I've made so many dear friends is a truly unexpected, happy bonus. 

So I made my Best Banana Bread Recipe the other night and simply used gluten free flour instead.  Changed nothing else- no measurements were changed.  I typically use Better Batter but decided to use up the bag of Bob's Red Mill lingering in my pantry.  But truly, whatever flour you chose, gluten full or gluten free, this is such a fabulous recipe. 

This is proof that you can still eat so many of your favorite gluten filled yummies when gluten free because you can't even taste the difference with the GF flour.  Soooo yum-o!


Susan R said...

The only way to make this the "best banana bread" is to add chocolate chips to it.
I try to squeek chocolate into even the most healthful of recipes.
To everything there must be a balance.

Unknown said...

Good afternoon from Tokyo!

That sounds fantastic way to make banana bread. When we arrive back stateside and have a new home, I know what I'm making for breakfast! Thanks so much for sharing the tip.



Anonymous said...

It looks better than delicious, and the cool thing is that you are so honest about which GF recipes and things you like, and which you don't care for. So I trust your comments on any recipes. :)


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