Friday, July 8, 2011

Week In Photos

Wow...what a week, America!  I think we all need a weekend after all the happenings around our fine nation this week.

She look like she's aged 25 years here.  My guess is that she will be free this weekend.

This hot mess has a new reality show.  Though I don't think she is any worse for doing so than any of the other gazillions of Z list celebs on similar shows too.

Sad that this is the last one today.  But I honestly think it's the right move.  It will push the program to newer and better in the future!

So excited to watch this interview!  I just think Jaycee Dugard is the most amazing woman!!

This might be my favorite photo of them ever.  Wills is really working that shirt and hat!

What's not to love about these two cuties?!  Welcome to America!

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MCW said...

Will looks hot! But I think Kate needs to put on a few lbs!

REBrown said...

He looks so so so good in that get up!

I'm also in love with her Western shirt.

Miss Janice said...

I LOVE Kate...she really needs to gain a bit of weight though. But her goodness!!! Fabulous.

The enchanted home said...

They are too cute, he makes quite the good looking cowboy! I cannot even look at a picture of Casey Anthony, she turns my stomach.


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