Monday, July 4, 2011

Picnics And Fireworks

Happy fireworks and picnics day!  The Fourth of July is my very favorite holiday (well, that and Halloween).  Yup, it trumps Christmas and just about everything trumps my dumb ole birthday.  I love love LOVE July 4th!  I love everything it stands for and everything we do to celebrate the day.  I am all about a picnic.  And specifically, the food at a picnic.

So today I will be relaxing outside with a book, family, salads, yummy snacks, brownies and of course, fireworks.  How are y'all celebrating America's birthday?


Stu said...

I think 4th July (and of course Halloween) are everybody's favorite holidays! Hope that you have a great day!

LC said...

Unfortunately I don't have any brownies, but everything else about your day sounds about the same as mine. Hope you have a great holiday!


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