Thursday, July 7, 2011

Help: How Do You Slice A Brownie?

I have a problem, y'all!  And it's getting pretty serious.  It's a long-standing problem with no end in sight.  I need help.  One of those creepy music TV interventions.

I still, at the age of 30-something, do not know how the heck one properly slices a brownie.

There, I admitted it.  It's in writing.  For all the world to see.  I feel both nervous and a sense of relief. 

On the Fourth of July, I made a batch of the best brownies ever.  Not best gluten free brownies.  No, these are seriously the best brownies EVER.  That just happen to also be gluten free.  I make them with two eggs, instead of three, per the directions for the desired fudgy brownie.  Because even though I don't overly love cake or chocolate, I LOVE a good fudgy brownie.  With walnuts if I have them on hand, please!

But regardless of what brownie mix or recipe I use (and I have tried gazillions over the years), I just cannot seem to neatly slice them.  Mine always always look all clumpy and lumpy.  No sharp edges. 

I follow directions.  Mostofthetime.  And I do wait until they have fully cooled to slice them.  Mostofthetime.  I use a sharp knife.  I've even tried spritzing EVOO spray on the knife.  As well as hot water and cold water.  I use non-stick pans, non-stick spray on the bottom as directed, and nice squares.

This was honestly the nicest of the batch.  They are rarely this square-ish.

So help a prep out, sweet friends.  How the heck do you slice a brownie and make it look...well not like this.  Because as amazing as these taste, they also fit into my "not for company" category due to their Picasso-esque nature.

They do taste damn good though!


JulesTX said...

When I make brownies, I let them completely cool and then loosen the sides from the pan with a knife. I then take the entire brownie out of the pan and slice them on a cutting board with my large butcher knife. I wipe the knife clean after each cut.

I think I've also seen a special pan on an infomercial that has a grid like cutter than you can use to get perfectly uniform pieces - not sure if it really works or not.

Susan R said...

Use a plastic knife. Wipe it off after each use. It works for me.
I've also seen one of those brownie cutter tools that slices them all at once. Maybe if you freeze them slightly first, they come out with sharp edges. I swear the example photo on the box is a fake brownie. No one ever gets brownies to look like that.

Jennifer said...

This is my first visit to your site, but I thought this link might help with your brownie slicing dilemma. :)

Jennifer said...

I hope this helps.


The first thing that came to mind is that infomercial that JulesTX was referring to. It is this grid thing that you put on top of the brownies and then supposedly after they bake you just flip them out and have perfect brownies. Can't remember what its called, but if they made this then you are obviously not the only person that has trouble cutting perfect brownies!!!

Taryn said...

I bought one of these at target and I looove it! I bake all my bars in it!,r:1,s:0&biw=1536&bih=1208

#unmatched said...

love the name of that mix. use a plastic knife!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Wow- I had no idea a plastic knife would work better! I knew I could count on y'all!! Thanks for all the great tips- I will be trying all of them soon.


The enchanted home said...

This cracked me up- your "slices" had a very artistic edge (see trying to find the good in everything) I spray a sharp knife with Pam and cut away, it works and makes very clean cuts. The key is also making sure the brownies are cooled enough- very important!

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

Hubs HATES the Brownie Pan. He says that they don't taste as good?? I just use a plastic knife as well. And as far as Brownie mix, hands down my VERY fave. is Paula Deen's! OH MY LORD! todiefor!

Mrs. Kindergarten

Unknown said...

Good morning from Tokyo!

I tend to flip my brownies onto a cutting board once they're cool, then use a sharp knife to carefully cut in columns, then individual pieces. But I've heard of those infomercial brownie pans, too! They're supposed to be miracle workers.

Best of luck!



Madras and Pearls said...

What a relevant post to my life - I always have the same problem, and people give me strange looks that I pretend not to notice when I serve them brownies, due to their .. interesting shape. The plastic knife seems to be the most popular solution though, so maybe trying that will solve this crazy slicing issue! :)

Buford Betty said...

Yeah I totally have the perfect brownie slice pan. Someone gave it to me as a gift and it works pretty well. I'm sure you can find it at Bed, Bath & Beyond, etc...

And are you SURE those brownies beat the Ghirardelli dark chocolate variety? Seriously? I find that hard to believe!

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* said...

I use a straight edge metal spatula and press it into the brownies and work my way down the rows. Perfect squares every time. :)

Ruth said...

I don't know how to either. My theory is as long as they taste good who cares.
And I see my bestie has commented if she has an answer shame on her for not sharing with me.
Have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

I'm weeks late in commenting but I use a pizza slicer after I've let them cool for hours (at least two or three).


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