Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Which Downton Abbey Character Best Fits Your Personality?


I'm an INFP.  Always have been.  And according to this (click the image to see larger view), Matthew and I are kindred spirits.  I'll take it.

Which one are you?  Have you already watched the current season or are you watching them on PBS like me?


MCW said...

I think I'm a mixture of violet and Anna...but would be curious to see what my family would say.

I'm watching right along with you!

Flo said...

Oh geesh, I'm a Thomas, which is hilarious since he's my favorite character!

Vett Vandiver said...

love this post, it's a great show!

Ruth said...

I love this. i was so happy to see it come back on this week even if I was so sick I didn't catch it all. I am Violet.


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