Sunday, January 19, 2014

Nun Gives Birth In Italy

I've had a weird week.  But not as weird as this nun who gave birth in Italy.  Yup...her week was definitely stranger than mine!


According to the story, she didn't even know she was pregnant.  But as she is 31, I have to assume she was aware, at the very least, she could be pregnant.  Right?


MCW said...

It's a miracle!!!

Alex said...

OMG this post (with the picture) made me LOL, SCANDALOUS!

~LO said...

I almost never buy the whole "I didn't know I was pregnant!" spiel... I have been pregnant, it feels like there is an ALIEN inside you from about 6 months on.

Even more strange is that she's keeping the baby and no one but me seems weirded out by this fact!

Casey said...

So she just thought she was gaining a lot of weight and had a really bad case of indigestion or irritable bowel syndrome when the baby moved, or a UTI when she had to pee frequently??? The nuns' habit is not like a chastity belt or Mormon magic underwear...


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