Friday, January 3, 2014

It's Cold. I'm Garden Daydreaming. And Having A Snow Storm Pity Party.

Well it's a good thing my New Year's Resolution wasn't to blog every day as I would have already failed big time.  Actually that's twice been my resolution and I failed both times.  Which is pretty much the only reason I didn't resolve it again this year.

So...if you've watched the are well aware that I am buried under a mountain of snow, here in the North Pole.

It's not charming.  It's not endearing.  It's not fun.  It's not pretty. is always pretty the first day.  But I am not in a pretty mood about it.

It's a pain in my ass is what it is.

It's cold.  And annoying.  And super duper extra un-fun.

And really effing cold.  Yesterday at noon it was one degree.  One.  As in less than two.  ONE!

Today's high is...wait for it...four.  A warm front.

I mean...seriously.  Is that not the dumbest weather report ever?  My personal favorite is when they offer up the "feels like" temperatures.  Because hello, if it feels like it's -15, then it IS -15.  {That's negative 15 degrees y' it it has to warm up 15 degrees to reach zero.  Why go on living at that point?}

I am an absolute grumpy Gus about this snow/cold situation.  The novelty has long worn off.  I am over it.  So stinkin' over it.

I miss this...

Garden on 06.02.13

I miss this even more....

Garden on 09.15.13

And eating these...

Instead, I am sitting inside looking at what was originally said to be 4-6" that quickly turned into 6-10" and then half a day later...opps...let's try 10-15".  And did I mention it's cold?  Single digits that apparently "feel like" negative digits is not warm, y'all!

Seed and garden supply shopping is sort of saving my sanity.  I think.  I don't's a double edge sword.  On one hand I am planning {read: mostly daydreaming}.  On the other hand, I know this is all many months away and it's a little like self-torture.

So what's the snow situation in your neck of the woods?  Did the the Midwest or East Coast storm hit you hard?  Are you in Florida soaking up the sun and making me hate you and your good life choices more and more?  What are your tricks for beating the SAD stir-crazy blues?


Flo said...

We have a couple of inches of snow, the big issue here is the cold. Supposed to warm up a little bit over the weekend and then drop again, the high temp for Tuesday is supposed to be -5. YUCK. STAY WARM!!

MCW said...

It snowed and it's cold and I love it!!!

MCW said...

It snowed and it's cold and I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

The vegetables from your garden look amazing. I miss the warm weather as well!

eHa said...

I love snow. It makes the dormant trees and dead grass look so pretty. But I've had it with the cold. Yesterday I think the high was 1. When I try to breath in air that cold I just cough. I didn't leave the house today (not even to get the mail) and spent the morning tidying up and the afternoon watching a movie.

Ruth said...

oh no! I don't miss those kinds of temps. Our temps are getting to that tomorrow. I am seriously thinking of not getting out of bed since I have spent the weekend sick.


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