Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On My Mind Today....

* Did anyone watch Real Housewives of OC last night? I rarely defend Vicky, but come on Jeana! I can't believe how mean she was to Vicky at lunch, defending V's ex-hub. I have no idea what that back story is, but to press the issue when her friend was clearly so upset was just mean and out of line. I'm sad Lorie left but totally predicted it would be the case. I hope she participates in the reunion show to update us on everything. I think Gretchen is my new favorite. She's adorable but seems to be the most realistic (or least unrealistic?) of the bunch. She is so sincere in loving and taking care of her fiance.

* I think I am the only person alive who is less than thrilled with the idea of Caroline Kennedy receiving Hillary Clinton's senate seat. Quite frankly, it ticks me off! Though I don't really like Andrew Cuomo any better for the position. First, she has made a career of staying out of the public eye. Something I admire and appreciate. But now when the job doesn't involve any of the nastiness and public scrutiny involved in actually running for an office, it's all she can talk about. Second, hello, she threw Clinton under the stinkin' bus just a few short months ago when she backed Obama. And now wants the woman's job? How is it that this is not a lead story? It's irony and gossipy and it annoys me to not end. I don't actually think her support or that of her family had a lick to do with the election outcome. Nor do I believe SNL skits or the Texas Ranger TV guy had a smidge of an impression. They were entertainment and possibly had a financial value but in the end I like to hope that Americans left all that mumbo jumbo out of it. Anyway, for no particular reason and every reason all at the same time, I hold a grudge to the idea of Caroline getting that position. But like so many things in life, she'll probably get it and stay in the senate for life. I'd like to send her a little note to remind her that there is a whole, great big, gigantic state just north of the island of Manhattan. NY politicians love to pretend the rest of the state doesn't exist. Hmph!!

* Six days ago we had an ice storm up here. Are you aware of that Caroline? Probably not. But anyway, we did. And it sucked. Something like 70% of the city lost power. Ice + no heat = rather cold. Thankfully my house never lost power or even cable. How I lucked out is beyond me but trust me, I am a very grateful crocodile!! The sorority house was about half full of girls who were still in town taking their final exams when they lost power. They all managed to find friends to stay with, but it has been a headache to say the least. The street actually did not lose power- just our house. And only because so many trees came down on the property and they power company had to turn it off for safety reasons. So the last five days have consisted of PPC and A (another local advisor) running over to the house several times a day to meet with contractors and electricians and sisters. We do have someone in charge of the house but she does not live close. Instead she barks out orders to A and me to do everything, is never polite and has yet to once ask or say please/thank you. It's getting old and fast! I really need someone local to take over that position. The girl in charge is a nice person, she is just not close and doesn't have the most charming communication skills. I am forever apologizing to her for things that are not my fault just to try to keep the peace and make her feel better. Cross your fingers that the house is powered back up by tomorrow as I will be there all day with contractors. One of these years I am just going to refuse to volunteer for anything to avoid getting myself into these pickles again.

* I had to go to the dark and abandoned sorority house at flippin' 11PM last night to meet a contractor to check the generator and pipes. Guess who sat there watching the snow fall for more than a half hour? Yeah, yours truly. Contractor man, who insisted that we had to meet at that very hour and no earlier, stinkin' stood me up! I was not a happy camper. He has yet to call me today!

* I woke up this morning with a throat tickle and a cough. I'm blaming my snowy excursion in the dark, middle of the night!

* In need of some cozy comfort food to cure my chest congestion and grumpy mood, I have a chicken pot pie in the oven. Mmmmm, it smells amazing! I love how something so ridiculously simple can be so incredibly good!

* I'm pretty sure a mug of hot buttered rum or cocoa is in my near future, too!


Rachel H. said...

Hope you feel better today, and you got your hot chocolate! :)

Princess Freckles said...

I agree with you about Gretchen! She's cool! It was really awkward listening to the fight between Vicki and Jeana. I can see both sides. Vicki did move across the country, and it doesn't seem like she really tried to include Don as a father figure. She kinda tried to be both mom and dad. I can't judge though, because I've never been there and I hope to never be! Jeana does tend to be stubborn sometimes. Remember when Vicki had the second home Jeana was trying to sell? Bottom line, divorce is just hard on kids no matter what! That I can tell you from experience with my parents and we all lived close by! I'm not so into the new girl yet. I never really like the "cool mom" mentality. And when they discussed her daughter's hang-over remedies? WTH? Very weird. My mom would have killed me!

I also agree with you about Caroline Kennedy. What a joke? And all the people who (like her or not) ragged on Sarah Palin for lack of experience/qualifications can now take their own medicine! Because C.K. has ZERO experience! If only my last name were Kennedy...I could do anything!!!

Jo said...

I hope this finds you feeling better. There is nothing worse than being sick during the holiday season.

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I'm still not sure if I'll get the yogurt machine. I've put it off until after the holidays over.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

adozeneggs said...

I watched the first episode online,and now it seems I can't view the second and third episodes. Did Lori leave because of her son??
Did they ever say what became of the kooky one from last season that went to Vegas for a weekend with a guy (yet supposedly was practicing abstinence) and put on a wig to become another persona?? You know she was all into younger guys? Please tell me you know who I'm talking about.

Jill said...

I've watched every episode of of OC wives so far. I'm not sure about Vicki...she seems like a cut throat to me. I didn't realize until this season that she was married before. I guess the first husband is an alcoholic and Jeanna was saying he has a disease...but I am sure there is more to the story. I don't think she's very nice to her husband and does seem to just live her life and exclude him if it suits her. I like Gretchen. She seems pretty smart and well-spoken and you have to give her credit for sticking with the boyfriend and saying by his side. And so with you on Caroline Kennedy. Bump on a log personality and only her name going for her. *ugh*

Preppy Lizard said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
I'm making my blog private after the 1st of the year so I hope you'll stop by and leave me your email address so I can send you an invitation.

Preppy Lizard said...

And PS...I totally agree with you about Real Housewives of OC and Caroline Kennedy. She has ZERO experinace...I so don't get it!
So you are not alone

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I love watching the OC but Vicki seems like a control freak sometimes and I'm with Princess...too many "cool moms" on that show! I can't even imagine being a young girl and having to "compete" (sorta) with your mom because she dresses the same as you and tries to be "hot" everywhere you go. Yuck! And what is with all these young kids expecting a car as soon as they can drive? And it has to be a BMW!! Is the economy ever going to effect these people??

Still, I'm addicted! Lol.


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