Sunday, December 28, 2008

Quick Hello...

I'm alive....I promise I did not bid adieu to Blogville. But the last few weeks included an ice storm, a sorority house without power for a full week during finals, dealing with contractors breaking into and smoking in said sorority house, cleaning the sorority house as it was left in a hellish state after girls fled during the power outage, getting myself ready for Christmas, several major snow storms, and oh, I've been really sick for the past two weeks too. Overwhelmed is an understatement! I didn't do any of the baking that I had planned and plotted out over the previous month. Not a drop! I barely made it to my cousin's house for Christmas Eve dinner. But all of the dinners and gatherings are over for the year. I spent pretty much all of yesterday in bed. Just what I needed! Sadie Kate is completely tuckered out too from playing with all of her puppy and kiddie cousins. At the moment she can't even lift up her head. It takes a lot of energy to be the center of attention!

I promise to be back soon with pictures of presents, stories, etc. But until then, I'm wishing everyone a belated Merry Hanukkah or Christmas and a fabulous New Year!!



Gracie Beth said...

Sounds like you have been busy! I am glad you got some much needed rest!

adozeneggs said...

Glad you're alive, I was starting to worry. Every day checking your blog with only the OC post to read!!!
Welcome back!


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