Thursday, November 7, 2013

Store Opening: Crate & Barrel Pop Up Shop


The North Pole is store limited.  As in, there's a lot we do not have.  Or if we do have the store, they often carry a very limited line of what normal stores carry.  And admittedly, I spend a great deal of time whining about intelligently pointing out this fact.

BUT...we have been making strides lately here in the Capital Region.  Or...maybe not strides...maybe more like baby steps.  But still...a step is a step.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the opening of our latest baby step.  The Crate & Barrel Pop Up Shop in the Crossgates Mall.  Like all things I do in life though, there is a story within a story.

So I wasn't entirely sure where Crate & Barrel was located but I assumed it was near Pottery Barn.  I parked and came in via that entrance.  But I didn't see the store.  How, I do not know.  But I didn't see it.  So I walked and walked looking for it.  The entire upper length of the mall.  But I didn't see it.  So I went downstairs and proceeded to walk the entire lower length of the mall back to my starting point.  But I still didn't see the store.  So I went up the escalator thinking I just needed to leave, walked toward the exit and turned back just to double check as I was dumbfounded that I walked the entire upper and lower level of the mall without seeing it, and there it bloody was.  RIGHT THERE.  I had walked right past it.  I seriously question my sanity sometimes!

I popped in to find that the store is really cute.  But it's also really small.  It sadly doesn't include any of the beloved favorites like glass ware, dinner ware or furniture.  The store is pretty much a holiday gift store only.  Lots of beautiful ornaments and cute gift items, including treats for your favorite pup.  The representative from their Chicago corporate office was there and so sweet as she made the rounds to talk to every single person at the opening.  She encouraged us to take photos and was very welcoming.

Marshmallows are HOT this season.  But you can make your own!

I'm in love with this silver glitter wreath.

So overall, I think the store is fun and hope it does well this season.  But as I said to the C&B rep, I really hope this is the beginning of a real C&B store here in Albany.  Gifts are nice but every Crate & Barrel fan knows that the glass and dinner ware is where the love lies for this brand!  Crossing my fingers that this Pop Up Shop leads to bigger and better next year!

Sadie needs a few of these dog gifts.

A photographer and reporter for the Times Union were there too to cover the story.  What's funny is that 1. I am in the first photo (blue velvet J.Crew pants, white Lilly Pulitzer shirt, green Vineyard Vines blazer and new disaster turned making it work hair-do).  And 2. I know the reporter, Eric Anderson.  But I only saw his back so I didn't think to say hello.  They don't call it Smallbany without reason!  (Thanks for sending me the link, L!)



#unmatched said...

oh how fun to have a C+B pop up shop! I wish we had one of those here, we also have a crappy selection of stores in cville.

Richmond is an hour or so away and has much better selections, but I often don't feel like driving there.

Ruth said...

I love Crate & Barrel. I wish we had one close to us.


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