Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why You Shouldn't Use The Plastic Dome Lid On Seed Starting Trays

I mentioned yesterday that I learned lots of lessons just in the week since starting my seeds.

The biggest so far is that you SHOULD NOT USE THE PLASTIC DOME LID THAT COMES WITH YOUR SEED STARTING TRAY.  Because it creates the most optimal environment for mold to grow.  Mold kills your healthy seeds and starts.  So unless your goal is mold growing instead of seed/plant growing, learn from my mistake.  Leave the lids off.

In addition, sprinkle a little cinnamon on top of all of your soil pots.  Cinnamon has natural properties that repel disease.  In fact, it's so awesome that I was able to kill off nearly all of the mold with cinnamon.  And as a bonus, it makes everything in that room smelly delicious.

When I first found the mold, I got online and found that cinnamon was a simple way to treat it.  I took off the dome lids, sprinkled cinnamon and left off the dome lids.  In two days, the mold is about 90% gone!  In the future, I will add the cinnamon right from the beginning!

In the photo below, the mold is in the bottom center of the soil pot in the center top.  I looks like a white spider.  But this is two days after I treated it with cinnamon so I don't have a pic of what it looked like in the beginning.

And now ... my seedlings are starting to sprout.  The cinnamon and the dome removal to air things out really helped matters tremendously!

Just look at my little babies growing!  I think these are broccoli.  Mmmm!

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and artichokes, oh my!

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REBrown said...

Oh no! We used the domes and didn't have any mold issues, but we took the domes off today and put them under the grow lights. Almost everything has completely sprouted except for the peppers.


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