Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Loathe The New Pinterest Changes!

Why do social media site need to make big changes and mess with my head?!  Pinterest is the latest and it's such a pain in my arse!

Insert old Pinterest.  The screen was pretty easy to read.  And if you were on someone's board, you could go straight to the website where each pin originated.  You could also easily see who re-pined things and hop from board to board.  That was a total highlight for me.  I love finding new boards of pins in a theme that strikes my fancy that minute.

And now.  The new Pinterest.

Larger photos.  I guess that's nice.  I don't know.  The other photos were never an issue for me so I really have zero excitement for the new larger size.  I dislike though how the pins now sort of flow one into the other.  I felt like the old look was cleaner.  You can't easily see who re-pined things and getting to new boards takes extra clicks.  Ain't nobody got time for that, Pinterest!  And I said above, if I was on someone's board before, I could just click the website and it would open up in a new window.  Now, I have to click the pin and then click "website" and that will open in a new window and I then have to back click and scroll down to get back to where I started. 

Why?  Like what the heck is the point of that?

If you are going to roll out some big to do about making changes, they better the eff be improvements. 

Of course, I admit that perhaps there is some user error involved here. And perhaps I am tired. And cranky. Over non Pinterest problems. And perhaps I will get used to it and learn to not let something as silly as a free social media website make me grumpy and grouchy.

But why, Pinterest? Why? Just go back to the good ole days. Like 12 hours ago good ole days.

These changes are dumb!

And that's all I have to say about that.


Katiellirb said...

While I don't use Pinterest, I can certainly relate! I was one of the "lucky" ones who has the new Facebook and I loathe it! My newsfeed is full of junk and things I never "liked" myself. Also, I agree - why do we need ginormous pictures? Why can't these people just leave well enough alone? Sigh...

Lauren said...

you can switch to the old look if you hover over your name in the top right corner. There are some parts of the new look that I like but others (like not seeing repins) are annoying. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they're still working out the kinks and will fix some of it!

Flo said...

The button to change showed up on my page yesterday--now I'm afraid to try it LOL! Sometimes "new and improved" isn't always the case.

Beth Dunn said...

I don't like when they make changes that make 0 sense. So far insta gram is the only one that hasn't changed in a bad way

Ruth said...

Why were changes needed. I loved it for how easy it was to use. ugh!

#unmatched said...

I hate the new format too! Since I changed, I am unable to pin things to a handful of my boards. so annoying.

3 Peanuts said...

I love pinterest and the new changes do not bother me too much but I do hate when I get used to a social media format and it changes even if the changes are good.


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