Friday, March 15, 2013

Community Garden Plot: My Seeds Are Germinating

Well I am officially a community gardener.  I have a small plot in a garden not too far from my home.  I could walk there but if I'm honest, the chance of me ever walking there are slim to none.  I do hope I will at least ride my bike there a bit though.  You know, the bike I got last summer and never rode even once! 

So now that I am officially a community gardener, I need to start planning my plot layout.  And I need to finish starting my seeds too!

As I don't have grow lights (Something I will get next year.  I wanted to make sure I actually liked gardening as much as I have imagined I will all of these years before I went out buying shelves and lights and whatnot.), I have exactly one window where I can grow seeds.  And the weather has not been cooperating. 

Damn North Pole winters!

Slowly but surely, I am seeing signs of life.  Well, in everything except for my eggplants and peppers.  Not a single one of those seeds is growing so far.

Below you see baby artichoke plants!  They take up a lot of space so I will likely only keep a few.  The rest I will use at the food swap and share with friends.

Here's a view of my seed trays.  So far I am seeing growth from purple okra, a few varieties of squash, purple tomatillos, a few crane melon seeds are starting to sprout, heirloom beefsteak tomatoes, a really pretty pink and green heirloom tomato, sweet basil, rainbow chard, kale, artichokes, marigolds, and more!

A fun bonus of going to the official Community Garden Plot sign up was the opportunity to pick from thousands of free seeds.  I could have taken dozens more but as I have already purchase and started so many seeds and I didn't want to be greedy, below is what I took.  Which is still a lot.  I didn't realize I took this many until the next day when I took them out of my bag.

If the fennel is a success, I promise to share with you, Kara!

Most need to be started indoors so that's on my agenda this weekend.  Did I mention that these were all free to me?  Hello fun surprise!

Next up is a before shot of my garden plot.  I need to go measure it so I can start planning the layout and promise to take some decent before shots.  Which I can hopefully compare to an after shot that will be full of tomatoes, artichokes, beans and more!


Flo said...

How fun! I am hoping to get my seeds started in the next week or so, I'm so looking forward to some home grown veggies, especially tomatoes :)

amy said...

Love it! Looking forward to seeing how this goes for you.

Ruth said...

Yeah! for being a community gardner

Unknown said...

I loved having a garden, but it's lots of work. It's totally worth it, though. My favorites from the garden are the peppers, tomatoes and lettuce (until May). Have fun!

REBrown said...

I'm jealous of all your free seeds!

Dawn said...

I didn't have any luck with artichoke last year. Their feathery, silver-green foliage was lovely, but alas no artichoke 'fruit.' This year I might just put them in as an accent plant in the garden, because as you know - they grow huge. Good luck with yours though!


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