Monday, March 11, 2013

I Love Facebook!

Last week Facebook sucked me back in.  A few months back I put together half of this story, but then, on Friday, it got SO MUCH BETTER.


Childhood friend A is engaged to and living with the baby daddy of mutual childhood friend B.  The baby, in elementary school, lives with childhood friend A and baby daddy part time.  And for a skinny minute, childhood friend A and childhood friend B were all buddy buddy and sharing photos and cheerful comments and love on Facebook.

Then something happened.  I assume between childhood friend B and the baby daddy.  But as a result, the love halted between childhood friends A and B.  Childhood friend A is one of those who shares waaaay too much on Facebook so it takes very little to put this all together.

Childhood friend A is now prego (announced via FB on Fri with all the grace and class one can imagine) with baby daddy of childhood friend B.  Baby daddy was not married to childhood friend B, nor is he married to childhood friend A.  Baby daddy has two other children who he sees rarely, though I do not know the details of that situation.  Nor do I know baby daddy.  Just the two mommas.

I suspect this will play out to my amusement on Facebook.

Normally, I am super annoyed with how much childhood friend A puts on FB.  But this plot twist has me re-thinking my grumpiness. 

Oh as as trailer trash as this all sounds, I should note that all the key players in this game are well educated and financially comfortable. 

And this my friends, is why Facebook sucks me back in, just when I think I am over it altogether.


Elizabeth said...

Ha! Love it! I have a cousin who shares WAY TOO MUCH about her life on Facebook. In fact, the other day I found out that the father of her twins' is not the person we thought it was. I hid her for a while because her status updates were annoying but now I see her again & it's rather amusing.

Gracie Beth said...

Sadly, instagram informed me S got engaged by actually allowing me to see a photo of it happening. Then Facebook told me about it 20 times the past week. (S is a boy I very much loved and it turns out the COSMO term for our friendship was 'emotional booty call') but anyways I am pretty mad at social media right now.

AEOT said...

Ahhh...the wonderment of oversharers!!! I'm always so hesitant to post on FB due to other people's craziness- for good reason I believe.

MCW said...

Haha! That is an amazing story and i so agree about how it sucks you in. Sometimes I want to throw in the towel, but this crap is priceless.

Unknown said...

That would suck me in, too. It's what makes "reality" tv so popular, too. I thought this post was funny since you just told me yesterday I was missing NOTHING on FB! LOL
Happy Tuesday,
Lulu and Daisy

#unmatched said...

oh goodness, that all sounds crazy and yet amusing. some people are utter train wrecks on FB and you just can't look away!

BroncoMom said...

Oh My, that's better than The Bold and the Beautiful!

Ruth said...

That does sound amusing.


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