Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Love These Shoes!

From Zulily

So I was telling a girlfriend that I got a great deal last week on some new kicks from Zulily.  She hadn't heard of the site so I sent her a link.  In the process, I found these to swoon over.  Go Dawgs!  I am not wishing even one minute of summer away.  Not one!  But when it leaves, I have football to look forward to.  Woot!

But then I found all of these cute shoes by Lindsay Phillips, creator of Switchflops.  Lots of cute flops plus her fun line of sandals, wedges and my favorite, ballet flats.  For both women and children.  I love that you can buy new snappy things (obviously the very proper and technical term) to chance out the look for like $7.  So fun.


Love love the ballet flats!

Lobstah love!

1 comment:

Love Being A Nonny said...

I have those exact ballet flats and I love them! They may be the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn!


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