Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day-cation To The Berkshires

One of my sweetest girlfriends from the League, Super Nice, is always in the know about local-ish happenings.  So she always gives me a head's up to join her on little adventures to things like art shows around the general area.  Which is fantastic because with just about everything, I tend to find out about things the day after they end.

Last Saturday, we headed over to the Berkshires to go to a great art show and then meander though cute towns like Lenox, MA.  The weather was insanely hot and humid the day before but we got there fairly early and beat the heat.  It was the most perfect day in the not yet steamy sunshine enjoying some great (and crazy) art.

As usual, I snapped a few photos of things that caught my eye for one reason or another....

These are just weird.  And creepy.  Naturally I had to share.  They remind me of these from last year.

While not even a tiny bit my taste, the above tea pot was nothing short of amazing.  It was huge and had more detail than you can imagine.  I can't imagine how much time went into these pieces.

I LOVE sailboats!  And I loved this artist.  Truly stunning pieces.

Oh hello...look who found a pink and green sailboat painting!

Below was another favorite.  Bunny sculptures!  They were just so cute and whimsical sitting in the grass on a sunny day.  There were actually ballet dancer sculptures too but I didn't take a very good photo of them.  They would fit so well in Saratoga though.

While the food at shows of this caliber tends to be great (think very gourmet and fresh, not fried fair food), Super Nice suggested that we instead head over to Lenox to go to a cafe she recently discovered (she is seriously so in the know...everyone needs a friend like Super Nice).  Let me tell you, Bob, that Super Nice was SPOT ON!

Haven Cafe in downtown Lenox, MA was the absolute perfect lunch/brunch spot.  It was full of locals (best sign!), the line was out the door (tells me it's worth it to wait), and people were OK with standing to eat their food while a table became available (you should be jealous because it was just that good).  We were lucky to snag a table before ordering (you order, they give you a number, you get a table, they find your number and deliver your food) so I held down the fort while Super Nice waited in the line.  My scrambled eggs with smoked salmon over a bed of fresh greens and a side of roasted potatoes and garlic cloves was so dang good, I wanted to lick my plate.  I didn't....but between us....I did think about it.

The town of Lenox is so cute.  I can't believe this was my first visit as it is totally the sort of place I love.  Very much reminds me of my beloved Manchester, VT.  Oh and they are on top of the food scene there.  I spied at least three or four big "Gluten Free" signs outside of cafes.

So if you are in the NY/New England area, I highly recommend a visit to the Berkshires.  So much to do if you want to plan a mini visit or a long vacation.

Have you taken any fun day-cations lately?  And have you been to the Berkshires?  Any suggestions for my next trip up 90 later this summer?


Flo said...

Looks like a fun day out. I loved Manchester, VT too when we went there. I had one of the best hamburgers ever there.

Jo said...

Thanks for the travel tip ~ it's in our backyard but we've never been! We saw those scary "doll" while we wandered through Brimfield. I saw people buying them and wondered what they were going to do with them. Just can't think of a space in my home that needs such art.


MCW said...

I want a sailboat pic for my bathroom. Love those.

Katiellirb said...

Oh my! I ADORE those sailboat paintings - I want one! I just went to an Arts Festival but it was literally 99 degrees out and my interest was waning quickly :(


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