Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Antiquing In Brimfield And A Few Creepy Finds

My family loves to go antiquing.  Driving all day in the mountains on twisty, curvy roads to find random barns on the side of the road selling antiques.  To find that beloved treasure, covered in at least a century of dust and cobwebs.

While I appreciate and love antiques, this is not exactly my idea of a fun day.

It usually concludes with me asking to pull the car over so I can throw up.


So when asked by my cousins if I wanted to go with them to a large, all in one location, antique fair in Brimfield, MA last Friday, I said yes please.  After the 2.5 hour drive there, we were in one location all day.  Much better for my sensitive tummy.

This is a BIG antique fair.  Put on three times a year and frequented by the high end dealers and fans from Rhode Island, Boston and NYC.  My Martha loves her some Brimfield treasures.

This year seemed different though.  Less furniture, which is what we were searching for (for a cousin- not for me personally- the best way to shop- with someone else's checkbook!), and more littles.  A sign of the market?  Not sure.  But the furniture was much harder to spot.

If we are Facebook friends, you are aware that I managed to spot the teeny tiny little rack of vintage (and current) Lilly Pulitzer from across the road.  Honey, nothing stands between me and my Lilly love!  In the end, I didn't purchase anything.  The vintage stuff was about 8 sizes too small- teeny teeny waistlines.  And even if I lost 50 lbs (and was then hospitalized for an eating disorder), I would never fit into it.  Another day, another Lilly, I hope! 

So as fun as the antiques were, such as these cool croquet clubs (Is that what they are called?  Clubs?), I was more intrigued by the quirky, weird stuff.  Because frankly, it was just a good laugh.

Big hands, I know you're the one!  I just thought these looked so macabre.  Aaaah!

Creepy!  Some artist took tin cans and baby heads to make these treasures.  Priced at...wait for it....wait for it...$95 each!  Not even kidding.

Well this one just speaks for itself.  Clearly I needed to bring a photo home to show my blog peeps.  It was a classic, I need this for the blog moment.

And these are my legs and feet at the end.  FILTHY!  We have had no rain for too many days to count up here.  So everything is so dusty and dirty.  Add in me spritzing myself with sunscreen to protect my albino-like skin and then gallons of sweat because I was walking around in the direct sun for seven straight hours...and this is what you get.  Have I ever mentioned to you how much I hate to be dirty?  Like it's a physical pang in my stomach when I get dirty.  I'm sure I need therapy but I digress...

Can you seen where I stepped off the flops (that are black by the way- the dust made them look grey) to show you my skin vs. the dirt?  My legs were just as gross!  That is not a tan- it is dirt!

So when my cousin and I got out of the car to use the restroom at a stop at McDonald's on the way home, we didn't blink at putting our feet up in the sinks to take a mini bath.  Which really only removed one layer of filth but peaches, I would do it again in a skinny minute.  Not my proudest life moment but I have no regrets either.

Check that off the bucket list...bathing in a public restroom. 

It was a great, but exhausting, day.  Full of lots of laughter, one of a kind finds, a root beer float that made my year and a bubble bath ala Mickey D's.


Susan R said...

I love the skirt you have on, very preppy and very cute.
I love antique shops, but no one around here does, so I haven't been in years....DARN IT!
You're brave even to go into a public restroom. I avoid them at ALL costs. I'd rather rupture my bladder than use a public restroom.

MCW said...

Those kid oil can things are very weird.

My feet look like that after walking in the city for awhile. So gross!

The enchanted home said...

I am headed to Brimfield in Sept. and can hardly wait...not in the market however for spare body parts, the plastic variety or any other..lol. Odd? Yes indeed!! WHO buys that stuff?
Love the madras skirt!

3 Peanuts said...

I love your skirt too. It does sound a lot like our Roundtop.

I had to laugh about the dirty feet. Dirty feet are one of my biggest pet peeves. I cannot STAND them. IN fact, I have socks on right now at the beach house because the floors are too dirty for me even though we sweep them constantly.
I would have totally washed my feet in the Mcd sink too!!!


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