Monday, July 8, 2013

First Community Garden Harvest

It's small...but meant so much to me.  This was my very first community garden harvest.  Lettuce and radishes.

I need to find a non-raw way to eat the radishes though because I am finding that I just do not at all enjoy them raw.  Too woody and waaaay too spicy.  Do you have any suggestions?  And let's play a many tomatoes and squash do you think I will harvest?  If I were you, based on my history, I would round DOWN when it comes to squash.

First harvest: 1oz lettuce

First harvest: 5.25 oz radishes and greens.


Flo said...

How exciting!! We ate our first tomato and I've started picking our banana peppers as they get to the right size. Nothing better than home grown veggies.

Love Being A Nonny said...

Ha HA tomatoes: 12. Squash 1.

Ruth said...

Yeah for the first harvest.


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