Thursday, July 4, 2013

And We're Back In Business. Pesto Just Might Be In My Future!

I planted my green basil from seed.  At the start of March.  March.  I'll say it again.  MARCH FIRST.

Do you see how tall the green basil plants are in the above photo?

Well at least half of that height happened in the last seven days.  Did you catch the part where I planted the seeds in bloody March?!

So I bought a purple basil plant and planned to perhaps buy one or two green ones too.

But the purple basil plant has been unhappy.  The purple was bleaching out and it just looked disgruntled {because I think plants can totally be disgruntled}.  I figured it was the heat and endless rain and being in direct sun.

But then we had {yet another} round of heat and endless rain up here and I didn't even go to the garden for three whole days.  Or like 2.5.  But normally I would park myself there daily.  It's totally my happy place.

But back to the basil.

The green was healthy but teeny tiny.  And the purple was bigger but disgruntled and bleaching out.

Skip to this week.  Both are miraculously looking really great!  The purple is back to actually being deep purple.  It hasn't looked this healthy since the week I bought it {you know that me saying this means it will die tomorrow, right?}.  And the green has found itself and shot right up.

So pesto just might be in my future yet.

Which is good because I am totally craving it something fierce!

What are you craving these days?  Something from the garden or locally grown?  Is it crab season in Maryland, MCW?  I'd be craving crabs about now if we had such a treat around these parts.

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Elizabeth said...

Yum, pesto sounds good!
I can't wait to have some of our home grown tomatoes! Seems to be taking forever...


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