Monday, July 8, 2013

Strawberry Mango Fruit Crisp

One of the things I made for the last food swap, in addition to Blueberry Mango Soup, was a fruit crisp.  In this case, strawberry mango.  Such a great summer fruit combo!

I adore fruit crisps because they are so much faster than pies.  And while my homemade apple pie with my perfect homemade pie crust (or really good gluten free pie crust) is my favorite sweet treat of all time, a fruit the speed of a fruit crisp is hard to deny.

For those who like precise numbers, this recipe is not for you.  I've never once used a recipe.  It's different every time.  I just wing it until it looks right.  And honestly, it's really hard to mess up, so it's not worth stressing over.

Strawberry Mango Fruit Crisp

* Fruit.  Berries and stone fruit work really well.  So do apples but I personally prefer them in a pie.
* Sugar.  To taste.  It will depend on how sweet the fruit is.  You might only need a tablespoon or two.
* Cornstarch.  Likely a few tablespoons at most.
* Oats.
* Brown Sugar.
* Butter.  Coconut oil will work too.

* In a bowl, combine fruit and a bit of sugar.  Let it sit and macerate until the juices start to flow.
* In a separate bowl, combine oats, brown sugar and butter.  Combine with your hands until it's about the consistency of thick Play Doh.
* Once juice flows, take some of it (1/4-1/2 cup) in a separate bowl or cup.  Mix in a few tablespoons of cornstarch.  Mix until no lumps are formed.
* Add cornstarch slurry back into bowl of fruit.  Combine.  Check for sweetness.  Last chance to add sugar, if needed.  I also add a dash of cinnamon and ginger, but that's also to taste.
* Place fruit in baking dish of choice and top with the oat mixture.
* Bake at (or around) 350 until bubbly and crispy.  About 30-50 mins, depending on size.

Hello happiest gift ever!  Fruit crisp tied up in a bow!

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Flo said...

Your recipe is very similar to the one I use--my favorite thing in it is peaches, mmmmm!


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