Monday, July 1, 2013

June Food Swap Details

My favorite club, which isn't a club at all, is From Scratch Club.  Oh how I adore food swaps!  So much fun!  You just never know what you might taste.

Sadly, the swaps are now every other month.  I just have to laugh because I am finally able to go to them monthly and of course they now switch it up to meet every other month.

Above was my set up.  I brought several jars of blueberry mango soup.  Several strawberry mango crisps and two bags of coconut flour.

Mmmm...samples of my blueberry mango soup!  So delish!

Sample bites of my strawberry mango crisp.  Berry crisps are Crocodile family favorites.  I could eat one daily.  I don't.  But I could!

I always type out the ingredient lists before I get there so it's easier to read.  I brought those two bags of coconut flour because when I ordered them, I didn't realize the three bags (I still have one) would last me a bloody lifetime because you don't use coconut flour one to one with AP flour.  You use a LOT less.  Then add to that me just not really loving it, I thought this was the ideal group to trade away the two extra bags.  Worked out perfectly!  Obviously I put a bow on everything.  Even bags of flour I dislike.

I didn't take many photos this time because the lights were off to keep the room from heating up too much.  But I thought the jars of candied citrus rind and shrubs were really pretty.  And tasty!

Let's see if I can remember what came home with me...

A six pack of green tea cupcakes with cream cheese green tea frosting.  Two apple almond shortbreads that were to die for and worth every gluten nibble in them!  Ginger shrub.  I didn't even know what that was until I started swapping.  Now I bring one home nearly every swap.  Sweet tomato basil vinaigrette.  Maple milk which was particularly awesome in iced coffee.  A super yummy bean dip that I just finished up.  Oh so delish!  Mint chocolate ice cream.  Or maybe it was just mint?  I don't know.  It was homemade ice cream.  Does the flavor really matter?  I was awesome!  And my very favorite....which is very NON-edible...worm tea.  Which is really just concentrated worm castings that you add to water and give to your plants.  It's said to be the most fantastic fertilizer and I've never had access to it until now.  If we could just get a day without rain, I can go treat my farm garden to this special swap trade.

I think this might be one of my best swaps yet as far as what came back home with me.  Now what should I make for the September swap?  Hopefully I will have homemade produce/preserves to work with by then.


Sara said...

I just love reading about your swaps! My friends and I are trying to start one in Connecticut and would love any pointers or tips & tricks you could provide :-)

Sara said...

Hi! I just love reading about your food/gardening adventures... especially the food swaps. A couple of my friends and I are trying to get a swap group started up in Connecticut and I was wondering if you had any tips & tricks/advice for us about how to get started.


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