Saturday, July 13, 2013

Great Dollar Tree Finds

Do you have Dollar Tree stores near you?  I am a big fan!  Especially when it comes to their spices.  A big thing of minced onion that tastes exactly the same as any brand in the grocery store.  For a fraction of the price.  I do have fancier containers of good cinnamons for baking.  But I used this container when I was starting my seeds to prevent mold growth.  I worked really well and as a fun side effect, made the seed trays smell fantastic.  Cinnamon is also a great substitute for rooting hormone when propagating a plant from a cutting, so says Pinterest.

Do you think I'm crazy for loving the Dollar Tree?  Do you secretly love it too?


Flo said...

Dollar Tree fan here too! I've bought spices as well there with no issues. I get Miss Laney her treats there once in a while, and you just never know what you might find. Great place for cards and wrapping supplies! I shop a lot at Dollar General too, prices are as good as Walmart and much easier to get around.

Dawn said...

Hi - cinnamon also deters ants from nesting in pots of orchids where bark is used as the compost medium.


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