Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Making Money With Pinterest.

By now, most of us have some sort of advertising on our blogs.  A few have even turned blogging into a successful career.  Bloggers have advertising and sponsors and giveaways and product reviews and then some on their once strictly personal blogs.

For the most part, it doesn't bother me one bit.  And while I respect that others feel very differently, I must say that I get excited for fellow blog friends when I see them start to gain success.

The way I see it, why the heck not make some money from your blogging?

We work hard on posts.  It takes a lot of time to write, edit, photograph, download, sew/cook/create projects, and keep track of details that might not matter if not being shared step by step on your blog.  If you can turn your hobby into a career (or even just a way to pay for an extra cup of Starbucks each month), more power to you.

What sort of bugs me is that very few people seem willing to talk about it.

As if not acknowledged, no one will notice the advertising.  Which is silly.  We should talk about it and share information.  I want to, anyway.  Don't y'all?  It shouldn't feel so taboo.

While this is not a post about making money from a blog, I will address one misnomer quickly.  Adding advertising is not a get rich quick scheme.  In fact, it's a make a penny a day, maybe, scheme.  It takes time to learn the ins and outs.  I am very much still in the baby stages of learning.

The real point of this post though is a new way to make a little extra from using Pinterest!

It was only a matter of time before this happened.  And again, I think it's great!  Though I will admit that this one is super new to me so I am not entirely sure I understand how it will all work.


A new company (so new it is still in a Beta stage) called Viraliti is offering Pinners an opportunity to do sponsored Pins the same way you would do a sponsored Tweet or blog post.  I see pinners pin links to blog giveaways all the time and I envision this the same way.  It's a pin for a personal objective but if you didn't like the subject matter, you wouldn't pin it at all.

It's my understanding that there will be options for these "Pinvertisements" and it will be a matter of you pinning it and getting paid per re-pin.  Once a campaign reaches its target budget, you will stop earning from re-pins and you will be able to delete the pin at any point.

Because it is still in the earliest stages, I honestly cannot speak to this first hand.  But I've signed up and will test it out once they give me approval.  I promise to come back to update the blog after I learn more.

However, like everything else, they also offer a referral program.


Multi-level Referral policy
Now making money on Viraliti becomes even easier. You can earn extra money by referring Viraliti to your friends and family. Here is how the referral system works.
  • Level One: Refer Viraliti to your friends and earn 7% of their earnings for the rest of your life. These friends are to referred to as your FIRST BUDDIES
  • Level Two: Get 4% of the earning of the people who your FIRST BUDDIES refer Viraliti to. These people are on second level and hence are called your SECOND BUDDIES.
  • Level Three: Get 2% of the earning of the people who your SECOND BUDDIES refer Viraliti to. These people are on third level and hence are called your THIRD BUDDIES.

I wish I had more details but at this point, I've shared all I know.  I sort of signed up without knowing much information and figured I could simply cancel my sign up if I decided it just wasn't for me.  The plus to this is that you don't need a blog or Twitter account to take advantage of this program.  It's all about Pinterest.  Once you sign up, you will get a referral link (this is mine for those who want to give it a try) to help grow your referral benefits.  Which you can post on your blog or Pinterest page, too.  And hopefully we can come back and discuss our thoughts on the program openly once we've all had a chance to see how it works.

What are your thoughts on monitizing your blog and now Pinterest?  Great idea to add a bonus to your hobby or does it change the way you view blogging?


Sarah Frances said...

WHAT! I am definitely checking this out, thanks for sharing! also, I totally agree that the girls who are making a little money off their personal blogging should be high-fived! We women have to stick together!

Glad you checked out Pinch of Paisley via the May blog challenge.. Wishing you luck on your posting!! I'll be following from now on, excited to read!

Sarah Frances said...

WHAT!! I'll be definitely checking this out.. thanks for sharing! Also, i totally agree with you. Those girls who are making a little bit of money from there personal blog should be high-fived! We women have to stick together!

Anyway, thanks for coming and checking out Pinch of Paisley through the May Blog Challenge, wishing you luck! Can't wait to follow from now on and read about your month!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this!! I spend hours on Pinterest and it would be awesome to get paid for it (so to speak).

carolyn bradford said...

Oh my…I am totally enthralled with this post! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog earlier…the recipe is quite simple! Wine, Sprite zero and raspberries! I was so skeptical but my daughter got the recipe off of Pinterest! Go figure! I truly want to know about ads and about the Pinterest angle to this! Would love your help in any way! Seriously…I just want more followers! LOL! How lame is that?

Anonymous said...

Interesting read! Though I'm still pretty much an unknown blogger that squeezes in stuff when I can, so I still haven't reached the advertising part yet ;) x


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