Sunday, May 12, 2013

How Do You Feel About Today?

I avoid spending much time on Facebook on Mother's Day.

I don't have a mother who loves me.  And would give anything to experience that for even just one hour.  (I've built it up in my head to be pretty effing amazing.)

I am not a mother.  And would give anything to experience that too.  (I'm no fool- I know motherhood has it's amazing and exhausted in tears on the bathroom floor moments.  But I want them all the same.)

I'm not bitter.  And I do wish all my mom friends a very happy day filled with treats (my friend Angie's seven year old daughter made her a waffle doused with powder sugar...but mistook the flour instead...Angie being the awesome momma she is ate the whole chalky flour thing) and pampering.  But I don't need to rub my own face in it.  So I quietly do other things and wait for Monday to roll around.

Is anyone else not a fan of Mother's Day?  Is this a universal holiday or just something we do in the US?


Flo said...

Since I'm not a mom I don't get a big deal made over me (although Laney did get me a card and a chocolate covered cherry this year! LOL), and it has been weird the past few years since my mom and my husband's mom both died within several months of each other. Sometimes I do wonder how many moms actually enjoy it or not LOL

Love Being A Nonny said...

I am a mom and I have a mom who loves me, but, I also recognize that there are so many who dread this day. Before my feet hit the floor today, I prayed for those who have not been blessed yet with the desires of their hearts. You have so many wonderful qualities and you matter to so many. You also matter to God. He l Ives you and cares about you.

3 Peanuts said...

I know this is a hard day for many and I pray for them too. Big hugs to you today!

Buford Betty said...

Mother's Day was always really hard on me when we were dealing with infertility, as you know. I feel like it's one of those holidays that the general public just assumes is happy for everyone and it's not. Going to church was especially hard sometimes... awkward at best. So I definitely ache for those hurting on Mother's Day, whatever the reason!


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