Friday, May 10, 2013

About The Time I Slammed My Godson's Head In the Car Trunk

You read that correctly.  And it really happened.  But I totally forgot to tell you about it because it was just days before Christmas.

This was a year earlier at Godsister's wedding.

The weekend before Christmas, I went down to my hometown for my littlest sister, Yaya's, wedding.  (For the record, she's not technically my sister.  She's bestie Florida's youngest sister.  But I'm like the fourth sister.)  Do you remember me whining about it being just days before Christmas?

After the wedding ended, I drove back with Florida and Godson J, who got his groove on all. night. long!  It was a late but very fun night.  Back at Florida's house, we were getting all of our worldly possessions out of the car.  You know, the clothes we wore earlier in the day before putting on dresses, hangers, make-up, toys for the kids, etc.  We grabbed bags out of the trunk and J started walking towards the house.

But as I was facing the car to close the trunk, Godson J saw something in the trunk and leaned in.  My back was to him though and I didn't see him lean in.  I didn't even see him move toward the car.  I slammed the trunk closed and Florida gasped.  I just slammed the trunk down on my sweet Godbaby's head!

I had no idea what just happened, though.  I heard the crack but I thought I slammed it on J's drum sticks that the drummer gave to him at the end of the night.  I thought the gasp was because I broke one.

{this all took place in the time frame of about five seconds}

She threw bags down and took J in her arms, who was at first shocked and then screaming.

And I still had no idea what just happened.

Florida said something about his head and ran towards the house because it was pitch black outside.  Our other great childhood friend, UC, was inside watching Goddaughter and happens to be a nurse, thankfully!

So I grabbed up all the stuff from the ground that Florida just threw down and ran inside behind them.  The next thing I knew, UC, Florida, Godson and I were all in the small bathroom looking at Godson's perfect blonde locks covered in blood.  Florida is insisting on going to the emergency room, I am handing things to people in an effort to be somewhat helpful and about to throw up over the guilt, Godson is now wimpering instead of screaming, and UC is nursing him up by wiping away the blood to figure out if he needs stitches or a plastic surgeon or all the other things Florida is rattling off.

Florida still wants to take him to the ER.  Godson is now watching cartoons (we moved from the bathroom to the sofa).  UC is offering to do a (as in one) stitch but insisting it's not really necessary because after being in for about five minutes the blood and Godson's tears have stopped.  And I am bawling. more tears.  Godmother who just slammed his perfect baby head in the car....hysterical.

I am great in a crisis, but lose my $h*# once it's over.  The guilt and fear and realization of all that could have happened set in as everyone else in the room was calming down.  How did I not see him at the car next to me?  How could I hurt my precious baby like that?

Mr. Florida came home and the decision was made that Godson did not need medical attention.  Nurse UC was the voice of reason that he was fine (we did make him stay up a while to make sure he was OK). Nurse UC left and eventually we all went to bed.  Me crying myself to sleep.

The next morning, Godson was fine.  I was even more guilt-ridden.  Plus I was tired and emotional because I had to leave later that I was a mess inside.

It was five months ago and I still feel guilty about it almost every day.  I love that child as if he were my own. I get a pit in my stomach every time I think about how I hurt that perfect baby boy!  This will seriously haunt me until he graduates from high school.

He is fine.  He was fine by the next day.  I've seen him in videos and he walks and talks and functions as if it never happened.  It was on the top of his head so any scar is not visible as hair covers it.  So Godson...totally fine.

Godmomma though....totally different story.

But the love was shared the day after Christmas when I came down with the world's most wretched case of double pink eye.  Courtesy of Godson and his pre-school class.  So we're kind of even.


Kim K. said...

I think we've all done things like that over our lifetimes!! I seem to remember me rolling the car window up on my sons arm and not realizing it till he began screaming. Glad the little guys was OK! But he will have a story for a lifetime!

Katiellirb said...

First, soooo glad Godson is OK! Wow! What a scare! Second of all, I cannot image what you went through. Luckily, kids are resilient. Seriously, are they made out of bouncy ball material? What a story this will make when he's all grown up! :)


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