Thursday, May 2, 2013

Standing Under A Sky Of Cotton Candy

I walk under this Cherry Blossom tree every day.  And each year, when it blooms, I delight in it's splendor.  It is magical.

I know that every tree has beauty.  And every Cherry Blossom tree is pretty.  But this tree...this is my tree...and for a brief few days in the takes my breath away.  It's like a cloud and cotton candy and joy all rolled into one.

And it's only taken me 400 years to remember to take a photo of it to share with y'all.

So very favorite Cherry Blossom tree from underneath.  I stand here like a smiling fool and look up every day during blossom season.  Love love love!


Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

Oh how I miss cherry blossom trees!! I don't realize until they start popping up all over the internet each spring, but it's one of those things that made the northeastern spring SO beautiful. If they are here in Texas I definitely haven't seen one yet!

REBrown said...

My grandmother has one of these and they are amazing.

Ruth said...

Cherry trees are amazing. Enjoy every moment you can.


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