Sunday, May 5, 2013

In Search Of: The Perfect Flat Garden Harvest Basket

So I am on a very important quest.  For a long, large, flat bottomed, garden basket.  To tote my tools around in and to collect what I just know will be a large bounty of delicious vegetables and fruits.  I have visions of the carrot and beet tops flopping over the edge.  All fabulous and My Martha-ish.

But I'm hoping to find this need at a thrift shop for under $5, especially if it is made out of wood.  Anyone who has ever spend time gardening knows that things often get set down in dirt and mud.  So while I envision me and my basket looking fabu at all times, the reality is that it might get dirty and yucky.  I don't want to spend much know that it might get dirty and yucky.

If you find a good source for anything that looks similar to these below, please let me know.  How will I ever successfully garden this summer without one?!  It's a need my friends, a NEED!


Ruth said...

I love the second one.

Flo said...

Here is a website with instructions on how to make one yourself! I knew I had seen this somewhere and was just surfing Pinterest and bam! There it was!!


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