Monday, May 13, 2013

Issue A Public Apology

I am stealing a few topics from here and today we are charged to Issue A Public Apology.

Oh geeze...I should could apologize to the world for so many things.  But we'd be here all day.

* I wear my heart on my sleeve and my emotions on my face.  So say, hypothetically, if you show me your engagement ring and the diamond is in the shape of a heart, no matter how much I try to fake flattery, you can see my true reaction on my face.  The older one gets, the more we are expected to offer up the proper reactions.  And I am oh such a giant work in progress.  I fail.  Often.  But seriously...a diamond in the shape of a sweetheart! mean...hypothetically...not saying that actually happened to me.

* I fight the good fight to the bitter end.  And my apology is that I take is way too personally.  It's not every day I get fired up over things.  But when something comes my way that gets my goat, I can't stop thinking about it.  And talking about it.  And worse...stewing over it.  I have mock conversations.  To myself.  Usually in the shower.  And get myself 400 times more worked up than any normal person.  And I can't let things go.

* But on the other 360 days of the year, I am an absolute pushover.  I have an opinion.  I will voice that opinion.  But when no one else supports it, I will sit back and go with the flow.  My apology is for not speaking louder or with more gusto.  Save for the few times I am really hot and heavy in a topic (see above), I just go with the most popular opinion.  And so often regret it.  Constantly looking back realizing I had the answer all along but never did the right thing is not a healthy way to live.  Don't do that!  People pleasing is not all it's cracked up to be.

* I am snobby.  About dogs vs. cats.  I think dogs are pretty equal to babies.  And I think cats are pointless allergy balls.  As much as I love my dog and understand why you love your dog, you would think I would be equally understanding of someone's love of cats.  But I am not.  Cat love baffles me. About which I am less than shy.  It's so rude of me.

* My eyes wander.  And it bugs people.  I wasn't aware of it until I was out of college.  But it used to drive a boy in my life at the time nuts.  We would be talking and he would say, "look at me!"  I will be mid conversation and then my eyes wander off.  I'm still completely engaged in the conversation.  I don't drift off attention-wise.  But my eyes do.  And people think it's rude.  It is but I honestly don't do it on purpose.  Thanks to that boy I am more aware of it.  So when I catch myself, I try to be extra conscious of it.  But it still happens.  So I am so sorry if I am talking to you and my eyes move around the room.  I know it's not polite.  And I really do try to be conscious of it.  Actually, I am sometimes very self-conscious because of it. But it does still happen.  And I'm really sorry.


Anonymous said...

So funny, I have drifty eye syndrome too, and also have those conversations with myself, I'd love to learn how not to stew over angst ridden situations.

MCW said...

I agree with the cats.

Mary said...

I have the cat love AND the dog love. And like you, i'm a work in progress, and don't always hold my tongue when i should! I become more outspoken with age, not less. :)

And cats are awesome, independent, very loving furry creatures! Lol. But to each his/her own.

Ruth said...

I agree with the ring thing. And probably why I don't wear my blue topaz one anymore though I still love it is my first real piece of jewelry.
I don't get cat love either. And I agree my pup is my baby.


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