Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BBQ Pork On A Sweet Potato

I've been seeing similar meals floating around Pinterest for a while now but when I saw it on How Now Brown Cow last week, I just knew I needed to make this my dinner.  Y' was sooo good!

BBQ Pulled Pork on a Sweet Potato

* BBQ pulled pork (I bought it pre-made but of course your favorite recipe is even better)
* Giant sweet potato
* Sour cream of choice
* Spinach (or broccoli would be good too)

* Bake your potato as you see fit.  I wash, cut spots, prick with a fork, and pop in the microwave.  But if you are an oven potato baker...knock your socks off.
* Heat pork up.
* Steam veggies.  Again...I used the microwave.  This is great for leftovers!
* Top your split potato with pork, sour cream, and veggies.  I didn't use butter but of course, you certainly could.
* It's as easy as can be and very filling!  The potato and pork worked really well together.  It was a great alternative to a sandwich bun and french fries.


Elizabeth said...

This sounds delicious!!

Unknown said...

That looks yummy!

REBrown said...

So delicious!

Mary Sandra said...

Yummy! BBQ can bring an entirely new format of flavors to some of your favorite foods and should never be overlooked when trying to refresh an old favorite recipe


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