Monday, May 13, 2013

Crazy Coupon Freebies And Deals

This is sort of too odd not to share.  These are the answers to yesterday's quiz, which I am sure you have been waiting with baited breath to read.

So my local grocery store, Price Chopper, had a coupon for a free heart-shaped cake that was good for use yesterday only.  I don't like cake.  And I don't normally grocery shop on Sunday.  But this is a crazy week for me so yesterday was my only option to shop.  And since I printed off the coupon and love free things....I totally came home with a heart shaped chocolate cake.  For free.

I gave it to my dad.  Who doesn't swoon for cake either, but does love frosting.  As usual, he got a huge laugh out of my odd freebie.

And since I am bragging....

This cheese is normally $2.50/each.  It was on sale for $1.88.  I used a $0.75/1 coupon that doubled up to $1.50.  So I bought each block of cheese for just $0.38/each.  Nearly an 85% savings!

Cheese freezes so well and that was just an insane price not to pick up two for later use.

So in review...cake was FREE and cheese was $0.38/each!  Hot diggity dog!

Have you picked up any crazy coupon deals lately?  Are you jealous of my free heart-shaped cake?  Ha!

1 comment:

The Clay Trowel said...

LOL I'm only jealous of your free cake if you are jealous of my salty goldfish heart cake!

Have a great week!!!!


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