Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I Am So Humbled

I am so humbled by the replies to this post.

Sometimes I write things hoping for a response or conversation.  And sometimes I write just to write.  Oddly enough, the posts I tend to write for the sake of writing are the posts that get the greatest (in quality and in quantity) responses the majority of the time.  Authentic wins, I guess.

I didn't write that for any other reason than to clear my head and to make my admission out loud (or...you know...as loud as you can get on a blog).

But when I received not only lovely responses but also useful advice, I was just floored.  And I took your advice to heart.

MCW advised changing one thing to get me going.  That's what she did.  So that's what I'm going to try to do too.  One thing seems more manageable than changing my entire life in a day, right?  It's hard not to focus on everything all at once but I am giving it my best.  I've picked something that I've been leaning into (don't hate me when I tell you that I just think Sheryl Sandberg is the bees knees) for a while now.  But I am making it my focus and letting the other stuff just sort of wait for me to get to there.  I mean, it's all been this many years, what's another month or two, right?

Simone advised making a list of life goals, which I already had.  But to go a step further and number them 1, 3, 5 or 10.  As in, it is realistic that I can accomplish that goal in one year, three years, five years or 10 years.  So I made a spreadsheet.  Because I have a long-standing love affair with Excel.  It helped so much to see things written down, organized by years to accomplish and color-coded (you knew I would color code this list, right?).

Flo noted that My Martha didn't get her career going until her early 40's.  I didn't realize that!  Minus the go to jail part (because I would literally die if that happened), My Martha is such an inspiration.

Mary and Quotable Quail told me they often feels the exact same way.  Which sort of stunned me because I never would have guessed that by reading their blogs.  Or any of y'all's blogs.

CT Cupcake asked me if I would consider moving.  And it's funny to me because I have decided that I will not move for the next two years.  After so many years of swearing I was moving the following season, I am hunkering down for the next eight (at least) seasons.  On Wednesday (as in tomorrow), I will officially become the President Elect of my Junior League.  I've committed to these two years here.  Beyond that, the door is open.  But unless some sort of only crazy people would turn that down opportunity comes along, I am sitting pretty here in the North Pole.  And I have peace about that.  The JL is the one thing in my life right now that feels centered.

Kim encouraged me to stop looking back and focus on moving forward.  And of course, to talk to God.  (Though, some days I am pretty sure God is like...call someone else today!)  I am queen of "I should have done that" so this is such sage advice that I am taking to heart.

And so many more wonderful comments and emails and texts came my way.  I didn't intend to solicit them.  But they filled me up in a way I didn't realize I needed so deeply!

I am going to open up more about my goals soon.  I won't leave you hanging.  I just need to get a few things moving on this end.  Plus, you know, I have other life stuff happening that is unrelated to me up and changing my world after realizing I am on the wrong path.  Oh and I need to get my garden ready and planted.  Which sounds silly but just as Boot Camp helps Mermaid keep her coo coo in the clock, that's what gardening does for me.  No it's not just for fun, it's very honestly a necessity right now.

This grew to be a much longer post than I intended.  All I really wanted to say was THANK YOU for the kindest and most helpful words ever.  Sometimes this blog is silly and fun.  But other times, it is my support system.  And I am so sincerely grateful!


#unmatched said...

congrats on becoming president elect! That is amazing!
Knowing you have the role makes some things clearer for you, including knowing you are happy in your location!
I (insanely) agreed to be fundraising chair for a yet to be determined event!

MCW said...

Baby steps lead to leaps! Get started and don't look back...the future awaits you.

Angie said...

AT A GIRL! Like Gladys (you know the lady who said, "I love Jesus but I drink a little") from the Ellen show she always says, "Keep on keeping on!" is that what we should do!


Seashells and Southern Belles said...

The Lord never, ever says for you to call someone else :-) He can take it! He has to hear me go on over and over about the same things, so it's okay for you to as well!!


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