Monday, June 24, 2013

The Very First Ground Cherry Sighting

This is not exciting to anyone else SO EXCITING!  My first sighting of ground cherries!

Project grow a little of everything included a pack of ground cherry seeds.  I've never eaten or even heard of a ground cherry until finding the seeds at Baker Creek last winter.  But the descriptions sounded so yummy and I knew I wanted to give them a try.

I had seven or eight plants.  Gave four away (two went to my sweet friend, Italian Garage) and kept the others for myself.  One or two were eaten by a critter, most likely a squirrel, my garden worst enemy.  So I am down to two plants.  I was worried a week ago that I might not see any fruit.  These plants are not very big and grow incredibly slowly.

BUT...each plant has two little fruits and a few more blossoms.  As long as I can keep the squirrels away, I might actually get taste these little gems in the near future!

Have you every eaten a ground cherry?  They get mixed up with other fruits, such as tomatillos and gooseberries, but they are actually their own separate variety.  All three of those are different fruits.  Do you have any recipes to share with me should I ever have more than four fruits to work with?  How would you describe the flavor?  Everything I read describes they differently.

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Flo said...

Can honestly say that I've never heard of them--I will be curious to hear how they are!


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