Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pet Peeve: Group Text Messages With Strangers

I text daily.

Texting is my favorite way to communicate these days.

And due to some volunteering chaos a year ago, I upgraded to the unlimited text message plan.  So I can text as much as I want.  Such freedom!

At any given time, I have several strings of text conversations playing out.  With the understanding that we are all free to read and respond on our own time table.

Sometimes (most of the time), I text one on one.  Me texting with one other friend.

And then sometimes (less often), I have a group text going.

But I am VERY picky about my comfort level with group texting.  If I initiate the text to a group and I think it's at all possible for people on the message to not have others in their phone, I make sure I introduce all the participants in the first sentence (ie: "Annie, Betsy and Carrie, can we discuss XYZ and a time to meet in person?").  If I am sending a photo or asking a question of two or more people who don't know each other for any reason, I make sure that I DON'T check the box to allow the recipients to reply all.  That way, their responses come only to me and not to anyone else on that text.  It's not fair to force strangers to text each other.

My absolute pet peeve is receiving a group text message and not knowing the people participating in the conversation.

And further, just because I know them, doesn't mean I have their phone number in my phone.  So it's just as annoying as texting with strangers.

As a result, I often reply in very short messages or more often, send a private note back to the sender as a reply just to her instead of a reply all to people who just show up as numbers in my phone.

For as much as I love texting, I absolutely with a passion dislike texting with people I don't know or don't know well enough to have programmed into my phone.

What are your thoughts?  Am I being a baby?  Or do you think it's super rude to when you go look at your phone and see nine text messages but only one is actually from a person rather than a phone number?

All I can say is at least I pay for the unlimited plan.  Because I think I am alone in this pet peeve.


WorthyStyle said...

I think group texting in general is stupid. Isn't that what email is for? I hate getting group texts saying "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year" or "SUPERBOWL WASTED YEAHH." It is dumb, and makes me want to punch that person.


Carrie said...

Thank you! This annoys me too! And I understand when people do it to announce their new child has been born, but it's almost as annoying that people don't know how to do a reply to only the person or just send a separate text of congratulations. So bravo for speaking up on this issue!

Unknown said...

I hate group texting. Period. Even with my family. At some point, someone is going to change the subject and I'm still on the receiving end of every little response. I have told my family if they want to send a group message that an email would be best. That way my phone isn't constantly dinging, but I can still receive the message on my phone. Yes, I think you hit a nerve over here.
Happy Tuesday!

MCW said...

I hate them too! I keep getting them from randoms...apparently someone in the ghetto has my number mistaken for someone else and the messages I get are hysterical.

Dawn said...

No you are not alone, our privacy is more important than ever these days.

amy said...

HA I agree it is SO ANNOYING! Whenever I receive a group text I respond individually to the sender...wish I could say the same for everyone. Right up there with unnecessary "Reply All" emails at the office. ;)

Flo said...

Not a fan here of group texting, especially if I don't know someone in the group.

Buford Betty said...

Yeah it's the people who reply to all that annoy me. Then I'm getting random messages from unknown numbers. I think iphones are set to default to auto reply-all - that's my guess anyway - annoying. Don't have one, so can't say for sure. I only do group texts for pics of Sam or something newsworthy I need to relay quickly. But no more than 2 or 3 people who I know have each other's #s!


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