Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Was Stood Up Last Night. Again.

Last month I had tickets to to see Julie Fowlis.  A month prior, I invited Cousin to join me.  She said yes and the date was scheduled.  Normal.

Two hours before the concert, Cousin sent a text that she's really tired and doesn't want to drive down from her parent's house.  She's been busy all day doing rodeo (that's what she does for fun) with Loser Boyfriend.

Now she knew about this a good month in advance.  Actually I might have asked her two months in advance.  But to be fair, let's just say one month.  We discussed it several times.  She knew where it was and that tickets were involved.

Two effing hours before, she effing bails on me.

I took to Facebook and miracle of all miracles, my sweet friend Kara got her son fed and herself down her (son was not alone- her hub was there- no worries) to go with me.  What a stoke of luck to have someone able to come with me last minute!  And Kara was totally the perfect date!  I should have asked her first and will in the future for that type of event.

I was disgruntled but decided to give Cousin a second chance.

I got tickets to see a screening of The Heat.  I asked her a few weeks in advance on this one.  And said that I would ask someone else if she couldn't/didn't want to go but needed to know in advance.  She was very excited to go.  We again discussed the times, etc.

So Monday she sends me a text asking about times because she has an interview up north.  We review and all is set.  Tuesday morning, we again review times.  All good.  At noon I send her a text that I am bringing her a little treat.  She says thanks.  We're good.

See...bobblehead.  HUGE on top, super toned calves and toothpick ankles.

I'm in the dressing room of Jcrew (Don't worry....Jcrew and I are still totally broken up.  But I've had store credit to use for YEARS and every summer I try in vein to find something that looks decent.  I left empty-handed because I decided I am too old to wear these short shorts.) and notice that she sent a text.  It's 5:30.  We needed to meet and get in line no later than 6:30.

She's not coming!

I don't even know why because I got like three different stories in the texts.  Loser boyfriend broke up with her.  (Yawn.  They have broken up and gotten back together several times now.  I'm super sympathetic the first time.  Mildly sympathetic the second time.  And I just think you are an idiot beyond that.  What could possibly be different a month after a break up that would make you think getting back together is a good idea?  I am just totally missing the kindness gene for this type of situation.  Across the board, I think you are a fool if you keep getting back together with someone after repeatedly breaking up.  Own it.  Move on.)  She was tired.  She was crying (but was OK enough to be ALL OVER Facebook).  Her parents didn't want her to go (she's 25 and I invite her to things per her mother's request).  And like two other things thrown in there too.

I tried to suggest that this would be a great way to take her mind off things and that I would buy her a drink after so we could talk/cry/vent.


She stood me up.  Again.  One hour notice this time!  A ticket wasted.

I will review the movie (and that experience) shortly but suffice to say, she missed out!  I didn't think it would be my type of movie but oh goodness, I have not laughed that much in a very long time!  I also am done inviting her to things.  She's backed out of a few other things too, but it's the 1-2 hours notice on ticketed events that really sent me over the edge.  So that's it.  I'll just see you at family dinners until you can learn to be a better friend.

I probably should have sent her some sort of "I'm sorry y'all broke up" note, but I didn't.  No one in the family is upset they broke up.  Except for family members who didn't realize they got back together after the last break up.  It's all so very cry wolf-ish.  When she asked me if I thought I could find someone else to go, I didn't reply.  Because of course I couldn't.  That's absurd to think I could.  I figured it would just make her feel worse so I just skipped that part of the text.  We both know the answer to that one.  No need to belabor the obvious.  But that's pretty much were my nice KK act ended last night.

Do you think I'm over-reacting?  I'm not actually mad at her.  I just feel like a fool for letting this happen again.  So I'm making a mental note not to ask her to do these sorts of things with me.  Also, did you notice that both times she bailed, Loser Boyfriend was part of the equation?  And where can I find shorts that are not touching my knees but more than a squeak longer than my undies?  I don't think such a short exists.  It's all short sorts or we ran out of fabric making pants shorts.


Marla said...

I think jcrew has 3", 4", and 5" inseam shorts....I think the 5" work well. I get them at target and old navy too....give them a try. You have great legs...and you're significantly younger than I know you can pull it off!

amanda said...

Buy that outfit! Seriously. You look great! I've come to realize its all down hill from here. For a while I was wearing things I thought I had to wear to be age appropriate and realized that I usually made myself look older and more frumpy. I see a lot of put together women who are older than me rocking styles I fear and they look great-and young! I think you look amazing.

But, I have found that I'm comfortable in a 5 inch inseam and have been able to find some I love at the loft and at old navy.

KatiePerk said...

You look so skinny minnie! I like the shorts! Sorry your cousin doesn't have it together.

Katiellirb said...

I think you're totally in the right. Agh, I have been having soo many issues with people not looking at calendars before saying yes (which I know is a diff issue than your cousin flaking out last minute.) People are just so self centered and not at all concerned with others. What ever happened to following through on commitments? GRRR. I would have gone with you to both! :)

PS - I had good luck with Talbot's shorts this year!

Buford Betty said...

You know I am BIG on age-appropriate clothing, and I seriously don't think those shorts are too short on you. As long as they fit well (and those appear to) and you balance it out well with the right top, I say go for it! Be proud of your great legs!

And you're not at all overreacting on being ditched... a lot of it is just immaturity on her part, but I'd can any future invites regardless. So sorry!

And hello - look how long your hair is! :)

MCW said...

Um. Those snorts are age appropriate. You are not 75! Show off your damn legs :)

And one of my friends has cancelled on my a few times to come visit. I did get pissy with her, she had to know it is rude and inconsiderate.

JulesTX said...

First off, I think those shorts look GREAT on you.

Like others have mentioned, I too prefer about a 5" length in shorts and can usually find them at Old Navy and other places at a good price.

As for your cousin, you are NOT over reacting in my opinion.

Flo said...

I would be annoyed too--we just had a discussion about this kind of thing on a bulletin board I post at. I'm not sure what you can do with people like that, I think there are just a lot who are inconsiderate!

Good luck with the hunt for shorts--the last ones I found were several years ago at Walmart, I dread when I have to find new ones.

#unmatched said...

I agree, you look great in the shorts!

ugh, I'd be annoyed about the cousin canceling again. One of my good friends is a chronic last minute canceler, usually b/c she needs to go to the gym. I haven't said anything to her, b/c I wasn't sure how to do so without seemy pissy, but it's rude on their part to cancel last minute.

Can't wait to read your review, the trailers look hysterical.

3 Peanuts said...

First, you are adorable!!!!!!!!! you always down play your looks in posts but you are super cute and look fab and fit!!! Secondly, as for the cousin....take your own advice..when people show you who they are listen. You said that when loser boyfriend dumps you move on...Well, when cousin bails on you at the last minute a few times, don't invite them to things requiring tickets/advance notice anymore. Learn the lesson and move on. She is not really reliable right now.

i would stick with inviting her to things that will not matter so much if she cancels and save the more important things for more reliable friends.

Sorry it happened though.


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