Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spaghetti And Meatballs Are Not Italian

I've long known several "ethnic" foods are not really akin to their supposed ethnic origins.

I grew up with a lot of Asian influences, specifically Chinese.  Like, people who immigrated from China.  Or were at most first generation Americans.  And I absolutely love Chinese food.  But not the kind you order from take out.  Because that's not Chinese.  I'm not saying you shouldn't like it.  Go for it.  But it's not what they eat in China.  Or even China Town.  It's Americanized.

So I found this short article really interesting.  I love how they noted the changes in recipes over time,due to resources available.  It happens.  It should be celebrated and loved.  But you know...just be aware that it's our American version of the food.

What do you think the Italians would think of the turkey meatballs, that are basically meatloaf balled up, I make in my crockpot?  Or the Chinese would think of my low calorie lettuce wraps?  Ha!

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