Friday, June 28, 2013

Paula Deen, You Need A Better PR Team! Stop Crying And Start Fighting!


Dear Paula,

Stop the tears.  Just stop them.

You can sob all you want at home.  In private.  I mean, I get it.  My emotions fall out of my eyeballs, too.  So cry your little heart out.  But do it behind closed doors.

In public, you need to start fighting.

Food Network, Smithfield, Walmart and now Target have all dropped you.  You need to get a new PR team and get a grip on this thing, honey.

Give up on the ham people.  Your collaboration with them and the candle people actually made me stop watching your show.  Like Lilly Pulitzer and LeSportSac.  It just seemed like you said yes to everything that came along.  Consider this a blessing.  Buy ham and cook ham, don't hock (I seriously crack myself up) ham.  Done.

And let go of Food Network.  They are tired anyway.  All they show at night, the only time I sit down to watch TV, are competition shows.  Yawn.  Flip the channel.  There are a million cable networks that also have cooking programs.  You'll find a new network and life will go on.  Done.

Walmart is the dregs of the Earth.  They have no ground to stand on and you should look into legal action there.

But Target, that's the one I recommend you start fighting back for.

As with Walmart, they sell rap CDs that include the n word.  They sell them in the dang stores.  They promote artists and designers who also use that word.  As in, present tense.  Not 30 or 50 years ago.  Today.

If you feel the need to explain yourself again, make it just a one shot deal.  Schedule a sit down with Oprah.  Anderson Cooper can be your plan B.  But really, for so many reasons, it needs to be Momma O.  Make sure you reference her interview with Jay Z in regards to use of the n word.

But that's it.  Stop talking about it.  And good gravy, don't give any more interviews to Matt Lauer.  Mostly because I just think he's super shady.

Instead of more apologies, start demanding your good name be returned to you.

Paula, while I personally lost some that loving feeling for you the more you seeped into every mass marketing opportunity, I think you are a really good woman who was very brave and honest in your admission.  Very few people would ever be so bold and candid.  You did a good thing.  I really believe that.  You opened the door to a much needed discussion.

Our nation needs a vocabulary reform.  Use this moment as your launching pad to support such a movement.

Don't let people turn you into the wicked witch, Paula.  You've apologized.  You've explained.  And now you just need to move on.

This, of all weeks, is about taking back what is rightfully yours.  Your good name and reputation...those are yours.  Be an example to all of your fans.  Fight!

And need a better PR team...pronto.

Butter makes it better,


Amy - OPC said...

AMEN on all accounts! Paula needs you.

The enchanted home said...

I think she should hire YOU! Send this post to her will make her smile...and I think she coudl use a laugh right now. SO agree about your sentiments, I am done with Food network, cannot stand Matt, yuck! And Walmart...well it leaves me speechless (still traumatized from the one time I ventured in innocently).
Meanwhile her book not even out until Oct. was #1 yesterday so thats the public speaking loud and clear. I say this....what she said was wrong obviously BUT if everyone in the public eye was held accountable for EVERY word that they have EVER said...we would literally have NO ONE in the public eye. Period. Good post!

Flo said...

Here Here! I think Paula Deen is suffering from a situation very similar to what Martha Stewart did a while back. When you are rich, famous and especially female, you are a target.

3 Peanuts said...

I 100% agree with everything you wrote. I know she and Oprah have been friends so I am REALLY hoping Oprah will reach out and interview her when she pulls herself together.

I think she will be okay. Look at Martha Stewart. She went to jail and she is back on her game. Southern women are strong. Paula will be okay.

Love Being A Nonny said...

Do you care if I share this?

Katiellirb said...

KK - You need to be Paula's new PR rep. Seriously, all of this was spot on! Especially the part of Matt Lauer. Way shady, and can Willie Giest finally take over for him?

BroncoMom said...

Two thumbs up!

TeTe said...

Sears,Home Depot and Kmart just dropped her.. This is like a witch hunt.

Jo said...

So true!
A wise investor would scoop her up right about now ... she'll make a come back just as Martha did.

Thanks for the address ~ still no word :(

Ruth said...

I agree she obviously needs a new team around her. Though I have started to wonder if she was on one of the Next Foodnetwork Star shows and how they will handle that since they were taped months ago.


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