Saturday, October 30, 2010

Clarity Turned Rant

OK, wow.  I did two posts yesterday and they both set people off a little bit.  I never mention politics, barely mention religion and never money and I still manage to tick people off.  I can't win.  But to clear things up for the last time in regards to this post (so please stop telling me how terrible I am), I do actually like the three dresses pictured.  But they are really the only three pieces I like.  And I don't LOVE LOVE them.  Just like.  I think the prints and designs that Lilly Pulitzer has done for the last two seasons are just not my cup of tea.  Goofy, long sweaters that look like tails to me, lots of shiny fabrics (one of the things I love best about Lilly is the fabric quality- lots of cottons and super soft), and not-typically-Lilly prints. 

I've also said several times over the last two years that it greatly bothers me that they seem to be over-saturating the market.  Don't hate me, but I have to say it.  They are becoming akin to Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.  The peeps down at Lilly seem to be taking ever deal that comes their way.  If I've said it once, I've said it a million times that I thought the match up with LeSportsac was wretched.  Nothing about that brand has ever seemed classic, preppy or cute to me.  The Lilly prints might have been cute but they were still holy ugly in the traditional LeSportsac style.  To me.  In my opinion, expressed on my blog, by me

The brand is feeling less and less like Lilly Pulitzer the woman and more like a main steam B brand that can be purchased from any Sears store.  Not that anything is wrong with Sears.  But don't pretend you get the same excitement out of going there as you do to a Lilly Pulitzer Signature Shop. 

I am a South Florida girl who has been a Lilly fan for as long as I can remember.  But I can't wait for the Pink Palace to go back to more classic prints and designs.  Until then, I'll old school it with non-new and vintage pieces.  I'll forever be Lilly Pulitzer's biggest fan so I can be patient and wait for them to stop messing with tradition.  As the saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

OK well this post started with me intending to say that I do in fact like the three dresses pictured below but it turned into a rant that will likely bring me more gruff.  Whatever.  I hold the power to delete rude comments and emails. 

And in reference to this post, I knew you would flinch Laura.  I laughed as soon as I saw you pop up in my inbox because I just knew you would have to say something about SL.  Ha.  But I do really like Sandra Lee.  I don't like everything she makes.  She loves her some cool whip and store-bought frosting and cookie mixes (which I think is the biggest of her prepared food sins).  BUT I think she very much has her place in the food world because she cooks practical.  She uses ingredients that are easily accessible and is conscious of making budget-friendly meals.  She also uses her crockpot a lot.  And I do get that her style is not very foodie.  Not refined and celebrated.  But I again say that she is practical.  Plus, even if you don't like her food, you have to appreciate the fact that she matches her ENTIRE set to her outfit.  The food, plates, clothing, tablescapes, pots and pans, and of course the window treatment ALL COORDINATE.  That is just so fun to see.  I saw an interview with her saying that the first season or two of the show, she put all of that together by herself.  Now of course she has a big team. but I respect her even more knowing she did it all on her own accord.  I think she has a really interesting background story too and she just seems fun to be around.  She makes a great cocktail on every single episode.  What's not fantastic about that?  It's OK if you don't like her.  But she cracks me up even on days she cooks food I don't want to eat. 

And on Rachel Ray, she actually annoys me.  I would hang out with Sandra any day over Rachel.  But, Rachel is from my neck of the woods and references my grocery store.  So I know if she is cooking it and saying she made it last week while visiting her family, that I can find all the ingredients on any given trip to the PChop. 

And that's all I have to say about that.  For now.


Tari said...

Dont worry about what people who disagree may post. Its YOUR blog, meaning YOUR opinions. They either like it or not lol.
I really liked that post, & I agreed with it.

Unknown said...

Love the rant....totally agree with you on the Lilly. I think the same with Vera Bradley. And for food...Love RR because she put my stuff in her Magazine...well, someone there did. Next SL does what she does and does it well. I like easy sometimes! Great post!

Momma said...

Rachel Ray drives me bonkers as well. ;) Actually I know someone who had to get her book signing table ready and said she was the b word. Not a nice lady. So I don't feel so bad for not liking her! Haha!

living well said...

I have to say that I'm really with you on the Lilly issue. There are quite a few things that I personally like in the Resort collection, but very few that I love. And when I first saw the collection, I remember thinking that it didn't really look like Lilly. One of my fave things about Lilly is being able to spot it immediately (my fiance thinks I'm crazy for being able to do this) on a person on the street or on a vintage store rack. The new stuff is looking more and more like stuff you could get anywhere! I too am hopeful for the next collection!

tintarosa said...

I get what you are saying about LP. I have only a few Lilly pieces and don't need any more. It's really a signature look that is not me.
Our NBC channel gave Regis and Kelly the boot for Rachel Ray. When I hear her voice, it's time to turn the tv off. Seriously, how many dishes can she make with fennel? She drives me crazy.

Anonymous said...

Good for you on saying what *you* think on *your* blog. Honestly!

Sadly I fear people may get more worked up abut anyone 'dissing Lilly' than they are about voting.

I stand with you one much of the concerns, it is one reason I worry about a 200 piece+ furniture line. We do bikes, cosmetics, and now furniture...? What's next?

Sending you a smile Miss PPC,

Buford Betty said...

Anyone coming down on you for your opinions on Lilly P (or whatever else) needs to check it. I love a lot of her clothes, but OMG people it's a clothing line, not a religion or a lifestyle. If it's your lifestyle you need to re-evaluate some things, seriously. Totally meaningless, I tell ya.

And I absolutely agree on the over-saturation. Same goes for lots of other brands... can we say Coach? OMG who doesn't have a Coach bag now? How is that even appealing anymore? Boring.

Love you momma.


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